Htilominlo Temple

  • Location: North Plain, Bagan, Myanmar
  • Recommended reason: The youngest temple in Bagan with a history of more than 700 years.
  • Opening hours: 09:00-16:30 ((January 1st - December 31st, Monday - Sunday)

Htilominlo temple

Htilominlo temple history

Htilominlo temple was built by King Htilominlo in 1218 (1211-1234). It is the last Burmese-style temple in Bagan. It is said to be the youngest ancient temple in Bagan with a history of more than 700 years. There is also a story about the construction of Htilominlo temple. It is said that the king of Bagan who built this temple was established here as a prince in competition with his other brothers. At a long distance from the pagoda, you can see the Htilominlo Temple standing in the fields. Although the temple was damaged in the 1975 earthquake, it was well rebuilt. The original murals still survive and are still available for visitors to watch.


Htilominlo temple facts

Htilominlo temple

The temple is three stories tall, with a height of 46 meters and a length of 43 meters. On the first floor of the temple, there are four Buddhas that face each direction. Htilominlo temple is a red brick building with a pyramidal structure. The main pagoda is towering, which symbolizes the world is the center. There are many small pagodas tightly clustered around the main pagoda, which symbolize 4 directions of the world. The structure of the temple is beautiful and magnificent. The walls are engraved with brick carvings. There are embossed Buddha statues under the walls. It looks like a superb craft.

The main building of the temple is located in a very large courtyard surrounded by square walls. The exterior wall was originally decorated with beautiful decorative patterns. After years of erosion and the destruction of a major earthquake in the 1970s, these decorations have fallen off the wall. The corridor of the temple is spacious. The walls are covered with a variety of simple murals.

The temple is divided into 3 stories. Four Buddha statues in different directions can be seen on the first floor and top floor of the temple. On the exterior of the temple, you can see gypsum carvings and decorations in sandstone. The picture of the Temple of Heaven that was painted in order to protect the temple from damage is faintly visible on the wall. You may be impressed by the lights and broadcasts of the temple at night.


How to get to Htilominlo Temple?

Htilominlo temple

a. There are 3 ways to get to Htilominlo Temple.

b. You can take a local carriage which costs about 20,000 kyats a day to Htilominlo Temple.

c. You can also rent a bicycle which costs about 1500 kyats a day to make a tour around Htilominlo Temple.

d. You can rent an 8-seat car which costs about 50,000 kyats a day.

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