Flaming Cliffs

Name: Flaming Cliffs

Location: Omnogovi, Mongolia

Reason to Visit: Magnificent view of rocks in red color especially at the sunset, home to dinosaur fossils and eggs

Duration: 2-3 hours

Our Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


Flaming Cliffs


Located in the Gobi Desert, Flaming Cliffs are in the south of Mongolia, nine hours from Ulaanbaatar. The Flaming Cliffs are known as Bayanzag to the locals. Flaming Cliffs are named because the color of the rocks here are red, especially in the sunlight or the sunset, whose color is like burning flame. And we should know that most areas of Gobi are not deserts but bare rocks. Flaming Cliffs sound both mysterious and spectacular in the wilderness. You will be confused that why this place is special in such a remote location. In 1922, American scientist Roy Chapman Andrew and his expedition team first discovered dinosaur skeletons and eggs at the Flaming Cliffs. Flaming Cliffs shocked the world after the discovery of dinosaur skeletons and eggs. And the fossils are from the Cretaceous Period.



Admire the Endless Red Rocks and Soil

Located in the middle of the Gobi Desert, Flaming Cliffs provide stunning view of Gobi Desert. It seems that you are in a world of orange rocks, soil and sandstone.


In a clear weather, wandering around the top of the cliffs will be impressive. Gobi Desert always gives us a beauty of mystery. Everyone wants to have a chance to explore the vast and endless desert to experience the marvelous feeling.


It will be wonderful to admire the Flaming Cliffs during the sunset. Immerse yourself in the vast space with the red rocks and radiance of sunset, that is spectacular and magnificent.


Flaming Cliffs



Hike on the Flaming Cliffs

Flaming Cliffs are worth spending an hour for hiking. If you go to the Flaming Cliffs with your lover, walking on the Flaming Cliffs makes you feel that you will be always with each other. You can spend sometime to take photos of the wonderful scenery.


If you are tired, you can sit on a stone, keep silent and just appreciate the view. You will be amazed and healed by the beauty of nature. This is the power of nature. You just need to enjoy the splendid work of nature.


Flaming Cliffs



Explore the Home to Dinosaur Fossils and Eggs

The Flaming Cliffs are world-famous since the discovery of the dinosaur fossils and eggs. But now you can’t find the fossils of the ancient creatures any more. You can imagine that the dinosaurs may move around at this site long long ago, maybe the Jurassic Period, maybe the Cretaceous Period.


Besides, you must wonder where Roy Chapman Andrew and his expedition team found the dinosaur skeletons and eggs. And you can even imagine their excitement when they discovered them.


It was here that dinosaurs live and procreate their species. With this thought in your mind, the Flaming Cliffs will become more mysterious and enchanting.


Flaming Cliffs



Enhance the Awareness of Environmental Protection

We are lucky to have the chance to witness the beauty of the Flaming Cliffs. And the Mongolian government is making efforts to preserve the scientific value of the Flaming Cliffs.


To protect the ecosystem of the Flaming Cliffs, each visitor should take everything he bring back. The Flaming Cliffs are vast and remote, it is very difficult to keep it clean. Each visitor makes his effort and the beauty of Flaming Cliffs will be seen by more people.


Making no damage to the everything of the Flaming Cliffs is helpful to the protection of it. Each ecosystem has its balance, and humans should not get involved and break the balance.



Travel Tips

  1. Be careful when you walk on the top of rocks and sandstone, pay attention to your safety.
  2. The Gobi Desert is dry, please take enough water with you.
  3. To protect the environment of the Flaming Cliffs, don’t leave anything here, including the trash.
  4. It is hot in summer in the Gobi Desert, please protect yourself from the sunshine and moisturize your skin.

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