Perfume River in Hue


The Perfume River, also referred to as Hương Giang or Sông Hương in Vietnamese, flows through the ancient capital of Hue in central Vietnam. The river gets its name from the perfume-like fragrance released by flowers in autumn. It is one of famous landmarks in Hue city, and the world-famous Hue Imperial City is located on the banks of perfume river.


Source and Flow of Perfume River

Perfume River

Perfume river is approximately 80 kilometers long and runs from through Hue city centre. The Perfume River has two sources, both start in the Truong Son mountain range and meet at the Bang Lang fork. The left tributary is Ta Trach that stems from Truong Dong mountains and flows northwest towards Bang Lang Fork. The right tributary is Huu Trach that flows through the Tuan ferry, landing towards Bang Lang Fork. After the two tributaries meet, the perfume river flows from south to north as a whole, and finally pump into Tam Giang lagoon.


Top Things to Do in Perfume River

Perfume River

Admire the Charming Sights Near the River

Lots of stunning attractions are set along the perfume river, travelers coming to Perfume river could not miss these amazing sceneries. Thien Mu Pagoda, a 7-tiered temple on the northern bank of the river, which is the oldest and prettiest pagoda in Hue city. Other scenic spots like Forbidden Purple City, Royal Tomb of King Minh Mang and Dong Ba Market are also the highlights of the Perfume river.


Take A Dragon Boat Cruise Along the River

Take a cruise to enjoy the perfume river is the choice of most tourists, especially the traditional dragon boat cruise. Sitting on the boat, admiring the breathtaking scenery along the river, blowing the nice breeze, this is a relaxing and enjoyable leisure trip. Along the river, you can visit Da Vien, Phu Xuan, and Truong Tien Bridges, come to the Tomb of Minh Mang, Hon Chen Shrine, Thien Mu Pagoda, and finally to bathe in the sea. In additional to the stunning view, you are able to have a chance to see the how the local villagers and fisherman work.


Enjoy the Night Scene of The Perfume River

When the night falls, the waterfront of Hue gets lively. Locals, mostly young people, gather in the park on the eastern bank to appreciate the view or entertain. Trang Tien Bridge (Cau Truong Tien) is decorated with bright lights that change colors and reflect off the water surface, resulting in an impressive sight. The river shines in the moonlight, and you can hear the song of the rower breaking the silence. As long as you come here, you will feel romantic and beautiful pure atmosphere!


How to Get to Perfume River

Perfume River

The Perfume River across through the Hue City, so you can easily reach the Perfume River, no matter where you are in Hue. The river is easily accessible by walk, bicycle, rickshaw or taxi.


Best time to Get to Perfume River

As a tourist, the biggest concern to you is that when is the best time to travel Perfume River? The best time to visit Perfume River is in autumn, when the flowers in the orchards up river lose their blossoms into the water. The river smells as fragrant as perfume.


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