Top 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Asia

Asia is one of the most diverse and captivating continents in the world. With its tropical islands, rice paddies, tea plantations, rugged mountains and sprawling megacities, Asia is a wonderland of destinations. In this mix, we have selected the top 10 most beautiful towns in Asia where travelers can discover fascinating towns that offer romance, history and beauty. Whether you're looking for colonial architectural grandeur, stunning scenery or mystical cultural immersion, you'll find it here. Let's take a look at which places made the cut.



Top 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Asia - OVERVIEW

  • Nara, Japan
  • Hoi An, Vietnam
  • George Town, Malaysia
  • Zhouzhuang, China
  • Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Guilin, China
  • Vigan, Philippines
  • Pokhara, Nepal
  • Galle, Sri Lanka
  • Phuket, Thailand



1. Nara, Japan 

Nara is an ancient capital city rich in natural attractions and history. With eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, Nara is one of the most culturally rich towns in Japan. Although Nara only served as the capital of Japan for about 70 years, it was during these years that the country's art, literature, and culture developed into traditions still associated with Japan today. 


todai-ji-temple, Japan


Less than an hour's drive from Kyoto and Osaka, Nara is a very compact town and most of its historic attractions are located within the beautiful Nara Park. In addition to the temple, the park is known for its curious and free-roaming deer. Most impressive is the Totaiji Temple, a huge wooden structure that houses the largest bronze Buddha statue in Japan.


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2. Hoi An, Vietnam

The old part of Hoi An, on Vietnam's central coast, is a haven for photographers, foodies and architecture enthusiasts. A UNESCO World Heritage site since the 16th century, this former French colonial trading port has been one of Vietnam's most commercially valuable towns since the 16th century.


hoi an, Vietnam


An important trading center for centuries, the narrow streets of Hoi An's old town are lined with charming mustard-colored shops -- though many have been turned into low-key restaurants, bars, design boutiques and tailors. During the day the roofs radiate lush foliage and at night romantic silk lanterns light up the town.


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3. George Town, Malaysia

The historic George Town in Penang, Malaysia, has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, demonstrating the impact of multiculturalism. The area's heritage dates back nearly 500 years, when the former British colony was an important trading hub in the Strait of Malacca, enabling cultural exchanges between Malays, Chinese, Indians and European residents.


penang, Malaysia


As a result, Georgetown retains its distinctive character: pastel shophouses and Chinese mansions, European government buildings, various religious buildings, festivals, music, food and fortress. Many travelers enjoy strolling along Armenian Street and admiring the expressive street art of the old town. As much as the architecture, the local cuisine reflects Georgetown's multicultural history.


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4. Zhouzhuang, China

Zhouzhuang enjoys the reputation of "China's first water town" in the world. It has been included in the preparatory list of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, selected as one of CNN's "Ten Most Beautiful Towns in the World", and won the title of "Global Outstanding Ecological Scenic Spot" by the United Nations.


Zhouzhuang-Water-Town, China


Built more than 900 years ago during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, this beautiful river town is like a living museum, with black-and-white whitewashed Chinese houses, tranquil canals and arched stone Bridges that blend perfectly into landscape paintings. The more than 500-year-old Twin Bridges, Shide and Yong'an, the 11th-century Chengxu Taoist Temple, and numerous affluent merchant homes are just a few of the historic attractions in Zhouzhuang. The Shen House complex, a magnificent Chinese palace with more than 100 rooms with intricate gold carvings, calm gardens, and antique furniture, is one of the best options.



5. Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta, not just for its magnificent temples and palaces, but for its stories and deep culture, is the real reason people want to stay for a long time. From its history to its famous tourist experience, it truly explores the essence of Java.


borobudur-temple-compound, Indonesia


Known for its art, culture and exquisite handicrafts, Yogyakarta, a small city of only over 30 square kilometers, has world-class ruins beyond Cambodia: Borobudur, a Buddhist temple complex that is one of the seven wonders of the world, and Prambanan, the most magnificent Hindu temple complex in Indonesia, two ancient ruins of different religions.


If you're brave enough to visit Yogyakarta, climb Morabi, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The view is superb: follow a guide through the jungle, climb halfway up the mountain and enjoy a panoramic view of four beautiful volcanoes at once from its halfway observation deck.


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6. Guilin, China

Guilin is the highest state of landscape integration, a perfect masterpiece of imeries, while Yangshuo wandering in ink and blue is a leap of nature and youth, a place Nixon would miss, a place praised by National Geographic, and a place that one must visit once in one's life.


jinkeng-rice-terrace, Guilin, China


"Guilin landscape is the best in the world", this is people's description and summary of Guilin landscape charming scenery. Guilin, located on the west bank of the Li River, is famous for its rich osmanthus flowers and forests of osmanthus trees. It is known as "the scenery of the city". The mountains in Guilin are neither towering into the sky nor continuous, but rising from the ground, like green snails, soaring into the sky and showing the beauty in the middle. Most of the peaks in Guilin are named for their strange images.

Typical karst landforms form the unique landscape of Guilin, which is known as the "three wonders of Guilin" for its green mountains, beautiful water and strange caves.


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7. Vigan, Philippines

Vigan, on the west coast of Luzon Island in the northwest Philippines, is one of the best places to experience Spanish colonial architecture. Vigan, now a UNESCO World Heritage city, was founded by the Spanish in 1572.



Visitors can find most of the colonial architecture around the central square, Piazza Salcedo, including the white and yellow St Paul's Cathedral. The beautiful Baroque building was originally built in 1641 and has been restored after numerous earthquakes and fires. The cobblestone streets, with their well-preserved heritage houses, open-air bars and horse-drawn carriages, are a throwback to the past.


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8. Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara is a picturesque town located in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal. The town is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and is home to the beautiful Phewa Lake. The towering Annapurna Peak and the magnificent Fishtail Peak form the natural backdrop of Lake Phewa, a famous royal resort in Nepal. There you can see magnificent sunrises and sunsets and enjoy the most complete peace and tranquility.


phewa-lake, Pokhara, Nepal


In a small, fresh home on the shores of Lake Phewa, you can open the window and see the lake and the mountains. On a clear day, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu, three peaks over 8,000 metres high, stand in the distance, with Fishtail Peak at 6,993 metres above sea level even more visible.


Pokhara has always had a lot of backpackers, and in addition to hiking, Pokhara mountain gliding may also be the attraction. Pokhara is one of the world's top three hang-gliding destinations and the world's most cost-effective extreme sport.


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9. Galle, Sri Lanka

Located on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, Galle's historic atmosphere stems from being an important trading port for many centuries. It's listed by UNESCO as having gone through three rounds of colonial rule: Portuguese, Dutch, British.

The old town and castle were all built on a rocky peninsula, which was a natural harbor surrounded by the sea on three sides and is still an important maritime hub. There are more than 400 houses in the old town, almost each with its own unique style. Thanks to the Portuguese, Dutch and British renovation, walk the old streets, everywhere is a strong European flavor.


galle-dutch-fort, Sri Lanka


At the southern end of Galle, you can't miss a white lighthouse. Along the shore, along the lighthouse, is a long levee. It is this strong rock levee that saved many lives during the great tsunami. Walk clockwise along the levee until you reach the city gate. Along the road, you can see sections of the wall that were damaged by the tsunami. There is a white mosque near the lighthouse, a reminder that Galle is also home to many people of the Islamic faith. Many of the Arab traders who passed through the area were impressed by the beauty of the southern Indian Ocean. This stretch of beach and seawall near the lighthouse offers stunning sunsets. As the heat of the sun gradually dissipated in the late afternoon, you can often find locals walking and chatting or sitting quietly on the beach, waiting for the sunset glow to color the sky and sea.


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10. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is not only famous for its beautiful island scenery, but also the historic old town of Phuket attracts tourists from all over the world. The historic old town of Phuket is in the heart of the island, lined with colonial-style shophouses built during the island's tin mining in the 18th and 19th centuries. Though Thailand's most famous beach, Phuket also offers ample opportunities for cultural immersion.


bamboo-island, Phuket, Thailand


There are many fashionable shops, cafes, restaurants and bars, including batik shops run by ethnic Malays and Indians. There are also Chinese temples, ornate traditional mansions, cultural museums and nunneries in the area. In the small old town of Phuket, there are not only Chinese Taoism, Thai Buddhism, but also Christian churches, which shows the cultural diversity here and the local people's attitude towards various cultures.


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