Top 11 Things to Do in Turkey

Although Turkey is not big, there are extremely magnificent landscapes in every corner. Istanbul in the northwest corner, the Aegean Sea and the ancient city of Ephesus in the southwest, the blue Mediterranean Sea in the south, Pamukkale and Cappadocia in the middle, Rentou Mountain and Van City in the east, every corner has mysterious beauty waiting for you. What are the must-do things to do when traveling to Turkey?


Top.1 Take a hot air balloon to see the most visually stunning area in Turkey - Cappadocia

Riding a hot air balloon is a must-do when you come to Turkey. It would be a pity if you come to Turkey and not experience a hot air balloon ride. Many people come to Turkey to travel in hot air balloons. Cappadocia is one of the must-see attractions in Turkey. There are many names to describe Cappadocia, "the chimney of the elves, the lunar landscape, the location of the Star Wars shooting, the monk's cave" and so on, each of which may represent a highlight worth stopping. Perhaps there is really no other Cappadocia region in the world. The strange pinnacles formed by the weathering of natural volcanic rocks for thousands of years and the continuous religious and cultural history have turned this place into a dream-like place. A hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia will make you feel like you are in a world that is both real and fantastic.



Top.2 Take a hot spring in Pamukkale

Pamukkale is located in the southwestern mountainous area of Turkey, but it is not a real castle, but a white hillside, but it looks like a cotton ball from a distance, very cute. The white rock and the blue water make it even more pure. Pamukkale is a well-known hot spring resort. Pamukkale was first discovered by the Romans. At that time, the dignitaries and chaebols were proud to come here to soak in the hot springs to enjoy their old age. For the ancients, such a beautiful view must have been the place where the gods lived. While soaking in the pure white hot springs that have been flowing for more than two thousand years, while admiring the glorious ruins not far away, this special feeling can only be experienced when you come to Turkey.



Top.3 Drink a cup of authentic Turkish coffee on the street in Turkey

Turkey is the first country where coffee appeared. Turkish coffee is more than 800 years earlier than European coffee. The real coffee culture is also created and spread by Turks. The world's first coffee shop also appeared in the streets and alleys of Turkey, a bit like the ancient tea shop in our country. And Turkish coffee cups also have bright colors and textures, elegant shapes, shiny and gorgeous, and exotic. Sit down on the street and order a cup of coffee. Under the beautiful blue sky of Turkey, all kinds of friendly people are the best scenery. At this time, the delicious taste of coffee makes the happiness infinitely upgraded. Turkey's coffee divination is also famous all over the world.



Top.4 Visit the oldest market in the world

Many people say: You can't say you've been to Turkey without visiting the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul! Does a market represent a country? yes! The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the largest and oldest markets in the world. It has been the city center of Istanbul for centuries. Walking into it is like walking into Aladdin's treasure cave, a maze. The general Grand Bazaar has more than 4,000 large and small shops, and 60 streets criss-cross. No matter what time of day you come here, it is always a bustling scene. This is definitely an excellent place for Turkey to "chop hands" and scan the goods, there is no one!



Top.5 Eat an authentic Turkish barbecue meal

When it comes to passionate Turkey, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous Turkish kebab. When you come to Turkey and see the real Turkish kebab, how can you miss it! There are many kinds of barbecued meat in Turkey, and there may be more than ten kinds of them! The editor shares a few authentic Turkish barbecues: Adana Kebab, Ali Nazik Kebab, and skender kebab, all three roasts are handled differently and very different from the diet we are used to.



Top.6 Go to Lover's Mountain to watch the sunset

Chamilika Mountain is also called "Lover's Mountain". Watching the sunset while watching the time is really what people who love to travel will do. The Chamilka Mountain in Turkey is a good place to see the best view of Turkey. You can sit in a chalet on the top of the hill overlooking the city of Istanbul. Until the most beautiful sunset, the afterglow of the setting sun will outline the whole city in a charming golden color.


Top.7 Group photo with Istanbul

Having seen the beauty of every corner of this land, of course, you cannot miss a chance to overlook the whole city. Climbing to the Galata Tower will definitely make you exclaim that the scenery in front of you is so beautiful. The scattered Ottoman red-roofed buildings are presented in front of you, and it is a beautiful postcard when you press it. Taking the opportunity to take a photo with this city will be the most beautiful memory in the future.



Top.8 Go to the Blue Mosque to tease cats

The Blue Mosque is one of the must-see attractions in Turkey. The Blue Mosque is a Byzantine-style dome building surrounded by six minarets, symbolizing the six major beliefs of Islam. The Blue Mosque is one of the top ten wonders in the world. Go early when it is not open before nine in the morning, and the morning sun will decorate the quiet courtyard with softness and freshness. At this time, playing with cats who are not afraid of living in the yard will gain a particularly beautiful mood. Turkey is a country that loves cats. When the solemn and magnificent mosque meets the cats, the wonderful taste of alternative mix and match can only be known when you try it.


Top.9 Try Turkish Desserts

People who have been to Turkey will definitely find that the Turks are almost obsessed with sweets. No matter men, women and children, they all love sweets. There are countless kinds of sweets, and most of them are heavy-tasting. Turkey is definitely a paradise for sweets. There are mainly two kinds of dairy products and syrups. Friends who are not interested in sugar can choose dairy-based sugar, which tastes a little lighter. Turkey's desserts are not only diverse, but also very tempting, making people addicted. The layers are placed in various shapes to attract passers-by and tourists, and become a beautiful and attractive landscape on the street. Now that you are in Turkey, you must try the desserts that Turks are obsessed with!



Top.10 Enjoy Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath is a perfect way to experience traditional Turkish culture. Soak in the foam and relax on the warm marble slabs. The beautiful historical decorations in the bathroom are also worth seeing.



Top.11 Enjoy the Turkish Spin Dance

The Turkish Swirling Dance is a dance ritual of the Sufi sect and has been included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Under normal circumstances, an elder will lead a group of dancers to enter the venue. After salute, they take off their robes and start their dance. The dancers rotate their bodies with the music, describing the endless life of all things, in order to achieve a state of detachment and etherealness, and realize the vision of the unity of man and nature.


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