Top 10 Handicrafts and Souvenirs in Turkey

Souvenirs are inevitable shopping items that people buy abroad. Istanbul is considered a souvenir paradise, where you can find a wide variety of souvenirs. When you come to the mysterious and romantic blue Turkey, in addition to seeing all kinds of beautiful scenery, taking exciting paragliders and hot air balloons, of course you can't forget an important item - shopping! Turkey, located on the border of Eurasia, is definitely a shopping paradise. There are not only all kinds of natural skin care products, all kinds of special snacks and desserts without additives, but also a variety of traditional handicrafts from the Ottoman period. What can I buy when traveling to Turkey? This article will give you the answer.


1. Turkish Delight

  • Where to buy it: Turkish Delight is available in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Fatih Candy Store and other local stores

Turkish Delight is made with sugar and starch and is usually filled with dried fruits and nuts. Each type of Turkish delight comes in a different size and shape, but each tastes better than the others.



2. Peshtemals - Turkish towels

  • Where to buy: Jennifer'sHammam, DervisGrandBazaar, GrandBazaar, Sultanahmet street shops

The unique feature of peshtemals is that they are lighter and thinner than traditional towels on the market. However, these towels are more durable than regular towels and can absorb more water. They are usually used in Turkish baths. Hand or machine towels can be found. It's even better if you buy handcrafted products that are better quality and more durable.



3. Turkish rugs

  • Where to buy: Grand Bazaar

The unique designs and patterns of Turkish rugs have made these products famous all over the world. Most of the patterns are inspired by the Ottoman era and usually consist of geometric patterns. You can hang the rug on the wall for decoration or place it on the floor. As with Turkish towels, handmade rugs and rugs are much better.



4. Turkish bracelet

  • Where to buy: All souvenir shops

According to Turkish culture, the amulet is believed to protect the wearer from various curses. Not many people believe in this superstition, but evil eyes are still important to the Turks for decorative and aesthetic purposes. The numbers on the amulet represent the eyes. Many bracelets, handbags, keychains and everything else inspired by the evil eye amulet may be found.


5. Leather products

  • Where to buy: Apart from other tourist areas, Sultanahmet has many leather shops.

Turkish leather goods are the best leather goods in the world. From bags to belts, jackets to shoes, there are a variety of items everywhere, most of which are made of high-quality leather.



6. Ceramic supplies

  • Where to buy: Grand Bazaar, Arasta Bazaar and many shops in Sultanahmet District.

Ceramics have an important place in Turkish culture and you can find tiles in many mosques. The city of Iznik is famous for its ceramics. However, during your shopping, you need to pay attention to buying ceramics produced in China. Here you can find different kinds of ceramic products such as coasters, plates, bowls, etc.



7. Handmade soap

  • Where to buy: Grand Bazaar, shops in Sultanahmet, shops in Istiklal Street.

Handmade, aromatic and natural soaps are one of the most popular souvenirs you can buy in Turkey. Turks make soap with different ingredients like rose, olive oil and lavender. Each of them has different benefits, and you can choose according to your needs.


8. Lamps

  • Where to buy: Grand Bazaar and shops on Istiklal Avenue.

You can find all kinds of lamps with good decorative effect. These lamps are usually made of glass, but you can also find brass lamps. Although deciding on one is challenging, it is worth your time.



9. Turkish tea

  • Where to buy: store

Turkish tea is one of the most consumed beverages in Turkish culture. Before leaving your Turkey tour, you should try traditional Turkish tea. You can even find this tea in any market or local store, and they are usually sold in packs.



10. Coffee pot

  • Where to buy: Grand Bazaar and Arasta Bazaar.

Turkish coffee is one of the flavored coffees you can taste in the world and it is prepared in a completely different way than we know. If you like the taste of this coffee, it might be a good idea to buy a coffee maker for it. You can even give it as a gift to a loved one who loves each type of coffee.


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