Restaurants in Turkey

As a foodie who comes to romantic Turkey to play, you must check in the authentic Turkish food, in order to live up to your taste buds and this city of food, what are the restaurants in Turkey that you can't miss? This article recommends restaurants for everyone to visit in Turkey.


Recommended restaurants in Istanbul

1. Lotiz Lounge & Hookah

Recommendation Index:★★★★★



Reason for recommendation:

  • Open air sky bar
  • Overlooking the city of Istanbul, overlooking the sea
  • Shisha service and pick-up service provided

Recommended dishes: steak, lamb

Address: Vidinli Tevfik Pasa Cad. No:14 | Balabanağa Mahallesi, Istanbul 34134, Turkey


The number one restaurant in Istanbul is located on the seventh floor of a hotel. The view from the sky restaurant is very good. You can overlook the city of Istanbul when you eat. You can enjoy the sunset and sunset in the evening when the weather is good. If you are lucky, you will meet them after 8 pm It was very lively with resident singers and DJs. The overall taste of the dishes in this restaurant is very good, generally do not step on thunder, one of the highlights of the steak is the signature recommended dish, the taste is very good! In addition, you can experience smoking hookah, if you are interested, you can try it.


2. Three Partners Cafe & Restaurant

Recommendation Index:★★★★★



  • Reason for recommendation:
  • 10 minutes walk to Blue Mosque
  • Authentic Turkish food hidden in the alley

Recommended dish: Crock Pot Chicken

Address: Küçükayasofya Mahhalesi Kaleci Sokak No 5 | Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey


This restaurant is tucked away in a small alley, but it is very popular because of the constant stream of guests. The restaurant specializes in authentic Turkish dishes, especially Crock Pot Chicken is rich and tender. The owner is very warm and kind, and will also send some desserts, side dishes, etc. to the dining guests. The prices of the dishes are also very reasonable, and some are even much cheaper than domestic ones. The quantity is also very large, and a few dishes are enough to eat. The restaurant is very close to the Blue Mosque, about a 10-minute walk. It is a good choice to have a rich dinner here after visiting the Blue Mosque.


3. Hafiz Mustafa 1864, Sirkeci

Recommendation Index:★★★★★



Reason for recommendation:

  • Time-honored dessert shop
  • One of the most worthwhile dessert shops in Turkey

Recommended desserts: rice pudding, chocolate

Address:Hocapasa Mahallesi, Muradiye Caddesi NO:25B | Sirkeci, Fatih, Istanbul 34420, Turkey


Hafiz Mustafa 1864, Sirkeci is a time-honored dessert shop in Istanbul. It was founded in 1864 and has a history of more than 150 years. There are many branches in Istanbul, and almost everyone knows it. It is also recognized as one of the most worthy dessert shops in Turkey. The rice pudding here is one of the signature desserts. The milk taste is thick and mellow, and the graininess of the rice is not too heavy. The taste is very good! In the store, you can find fudge in all flavors, as well as so many high-value desserts that you will be dazzled. This chocolate from its family is very popular. It has coffee beans hidden in it and has a mellow and rich taste, which is very suitable for souvenirs.


4. Mado

Recommendation Index:★★★★★



Reason for recommendation:

  • Famous dessert spot in Turkey
  • Signature goat milk ice cream must punch card

Recommended dessert: Goat milk ice cream

Address:186 Istiklal Caddesi, Istanbul Beyoğlu, Turkey


Mado is a well-known ice dessert spot in Turkey. It has the most chewy ice cream in the world. Its goat milk ice cream is the most famous. It is not easy to melt and will not freeze. The lactose content is lower than that of milk ice cream because it contains natural orchid stem powder. Therefore, the toughness is very high and chewy. When eating, you need a knife and fork to help, and it tastes very thick and milky!


Recommended restaurants near Fethiye

1. La Capella Cafe Bistro Restaurant

Recommendation Index:★★★★



Reason for recommendation:

  • Fethiye's #2 restaurant
  • Has Chinese menu

Recommended dishes: Steak, seafood pasta

Address: Dispanser Caddesi No:16 | Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Fethiye 48303, Turkey


This restaurant ranks second in Fethiye, and many tourists choose to dine here after paragliding. The restaurant also prepared a Chinese menu very intimately, which is very convenient to order. The steak in the restaurant is very good, the meat is tender, the juice is very juicy and chewy, it is worth a try! Seafood pasta is also great! Also recommend squid rings and pear juice, will not step on thunder.


2. Mozaik Restaurant

Recommendation Index:★★★★★



Reason for recommendation:

  • Mid-to-high-end restaurant with a good environment
  • The taste is more suitable for Chinese tourists

Recommended dishes: Roast leg of lamb, platter of marinated meat, roast chicken, braised beef diced, pumpkin flower dumplings

Address: Belediye Cd El Sanatlari Car 31, Goreme 50180, Turkey


The restaurant is located in the small town of Goreme. It is a better one here. The location is very easy to find next to the bus station. The environment of the entire restaurant is elegant, with indoor lobby seating, street seating and outdoor seating outside. The dishes are considered to be high-end improved dishes from Turkey, incorporating Italian and French elements, which are more suitable for Chinese tastes. We recommend a platter of cured meat, roast chicken and roast leg of lamb. The roast leg of lamb will have a slightly stinky taste, and preferences vary from person to person. It is worth trying the pumpkin flower dumplings, which are very distinctive and full of attention. The overall price is not very expensive, and the price is relatively high.


Recommended restaurants near Antalya

Ayar Meyhanesi

Recommendation Index:★★★★



Reason for recommendation:

  • Antalya's popular seafood music restaurant
  • Optional seafood
  • About 10 minutes walk from Hadrian's Gate
  • Restaurant with live band
  • Has Chinese menu

Recommended dishes: Grilled tiger prawns, grilled seafood, grilled fish

Address: Kilincarslan Mahalesi Hesepci Sokak No.59 | Kaleici, Antalya 07100, Turkey


The restaurant is near the historical district of Karechi, about a 10-minute walk from Hadrian's Gate. This restaurant ranks among the top five in Antalya and has always been very popular. It specializes in all kinds of grilled seafood. There is a big fish pond at the entrance. You can choose any seafood you like and make it into a platter. All you eat is the first bite. Chinese menus are provided, and ordering is also very convenient. The most popular must-order dish is grilled tiger prawns, which are more authentic, firm and fresh, but expensive. There will also be a resident singing band in the restaurant in the evening, which is full of strong Turkish style. It is also very close to the seaside, and you can go for a walk by the seaside after eating.

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