Colombo Guide

Colombo, an indispensable place for east-west shipping in the Indian Ocean, is known as the "Gateway to Asia" and "Crossroad to the East". It has one of the longest artificial harbors in the world and a coastline of 16 kilometers. Colombo's name comes from Sinhalese Kola-amba-thota, which means "mango port". Later, the Portuguese spelled it as Colombo to commemorate Columbus. Although Colombo is near the equator, it has a tropical climate. However, due to the effect of the sea breeze, the climate is pleasant, high temperature without extreme heat, the annual average temperature is around 27℃, and the annual precipitation is 2300 mm. The two areas of Fort and Pettah are the must-visit places for every visitor to downtown Colombo and also the two most lively areas of Colombo.