Top 7 Food in Mandalay

Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar. It is located in 715 kilometers from Yangon and the east bank of the Irrawaddy River. It is considered the center of the culture of Myanmar. In addition to famous attractions in Mandalay, such as Mandalay Palace, U-Bein bridge and Sagaing Hill, you may think what kind of food that you can eat in Mandalay. In Mandalay, you can eat almost all Burmese classic food. Mohingar, BBQ, Burmese Curry, Samosa Salad, Latphet, Shan khao swe and Local Beer are delicious food that you must-try in Mandalay.


No.1 Food in Mandalay – Mohingar (Fish soup rice noodle)

Fish soup rice noodle

There is an unofficial national dish of Myanmar called fish soup rice noodle. It is a kind of rice noodle with hearty fish soup, usually with crispy banana slices. Locals of Mandalay like to use it as breakfast, but now the street vendors are selling them, so at any time of the day it can be used as a snack. The fish soup rice noodle is usually decorated with marinated eggs, fried vegetables or a dish of lentils. It is usually seasoned with lime juice or dried chili.


No.2 Food in Mandalay – BBQ


Barbecue can be said to be a highly international cuisine that people around the world like to eat. On the streets of Myanmar, especially at night, you can find many stalls that sell barbecues. Burmese barbecue ingredients are mostly meat, seafood, fresh vegetables and soy products. Some meats are not baked in fresh meat, but are marinated for a long time, so the taste will be dry and many people will not get used to it. It is different from other countries’ BBQ, so it is recommended to taste BBQ of Mandalay.


No.3 Food in Mandalay – Burmese Curry

Burmese Curry

Curry is the main element of this dish. It is usually a plate of juicy and curry rice with pork, fish, shrimp, beef or lamb. In the restaurant, if you order a curry meal, there will be a series of seemingly endless side dishes that will come to the table, such as Rice, pie salad, a small dish of fried vegetables, a small bowl of soup, and a large plate of freshly cooked vegetables and herbs. When eating, it is served with dipping sauce. The dipping sauce are usually ngapi ye(a local Burmese dipping sauce) and balachaung(a mixture of pepper, garlic and fried shrimp).


No.4 Food in Mandalay – Samosa Salad

Samosa Salad

Samosa salad is a common street food in Southeast Asian countries. The samosa salad is usually fried and served with vegetables, potatoes and meat. The curry corner is a food made from a thin dough and a filling in a triangular shape and then fried. This filling usually includes mashed potatoes, onions, minced meat (beef, chicken, lamb, etc.) and spices (such as curry powder).


No.5 Food in Mandalay – Latphet (Tea leaf salad)

Tea leaf salad

Perhaps tea leaf salad is the most famous food in Myanmar. Burmese people often use tea as a dessert, but sometimes tea also appears as a raw material for tea salad. To make this dish, you need to mix the sour and slightly bitter tea with the torn cabbage, sliced tomatoes, crispy beans, nuts and peas, then add garlic oil and chopped peppers. This dish is very good. It can be a snack, a plate of appetizers, or a plate of rice to become a main dish.


No.6 Food in Mandalay – Shan khao swe(Shan-style noodles)

Shan-style noodles

Burmese noodles are famous, in addition to “Dry” noodles and Shan-style 'tofu' noodles, Shan-style noodles is a famous noodles in Myanmar. It is a popular food that you must try in Myanmar. It is a typical authentic dish in Myanmar. It is a combination of pepper-flavored glutinous rice flour, marinated chicken and pork. Usually, people add a little roasted sesame and a little garlic oil to the noodles. Its side dishes are pickles. Compared with most of the pasta snacks in Myanmar, the Shan-style noodles is much simpler and has a lighter taste. In addition to the famous fish soup rice noodle, Shan-style noodles is also a famous food that you should try in Mandalay.


No.7 Food in Mandalay – Local beer in Mandalay

Local beer in Mandalay

Going to Myanmar, how can you miss out on local beer in Mandalay. Burmese beer tastes sweet and has a slightly higher alcohol content. Traveling in the hot tropical, a bottle of chilled local beer is the best choice for a summer break. The weather of Mandalay is hot, so it is a good choice to drink local beer when traveling.

In addition to the food mentioned above, such as fish soup rice noodle, Burmese curry, tea leaf salad, etc., Mandalay has many traditional Burmese cuisines that are worth discovering. Don’t hesitate to go to Mandalay for a food trip!

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