Hiking in Mongolia

Hiking is one of the best ways to experience a place while traveling. Hiking is a good way to explore the landscapes, scenery and nomadic life in Mongolia. Why should you hike when you travel to Mongolia? Mongolia has spectacular nature scenery, including imposing mountains, clear lakes, magnificent Gobi Desert and endless lush steppes. The original beautiful scenery of Mongolia provides tourists best destinations to hike.


Mongolia has the most picturesque destinations for hikers, from idyllic Terelj National Park and Hustai National Park to the marvellous Gobi Desert, from the charming Lake Khovsgol to the Yolyn Am Valley. Where to hike depends on what landscape you prefer.


Best Time to Go Hiking in Mongolia

May, June and September are the most suitable time for hiking in Mongolia. As typical continental climate, the annual average temperature of Mongolia is 1.56℃, which is really low. The lowest temperature in winter reaches -50℃, and the highest temperature in the Gobi region can reach 40℃. And the winter in Mongolia lasts for a long time from November to March. May, June and September are recommended because the weather at these time is ideal and comfortable during these months, which is not too hot and too cold.


Hiking Destinations in Mongolia

Terelj National Park

  • Enjoy the endless lush green steppes
  • Visit the giant Turtle Rock
  • Meditate at the Ariyapala Temple

Terelj National Park


Terelj National Park must be an ideal hiking destination for hiking lovers for the clean river, vast grassland, high mountains and lush forest. The scenery in the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park is as beautiful as the scene in the films. In the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park you can choose hike horseback or on foot. If you are good at horse riding, you can choose horseback hiking, which makes you enjoy the picturesque view of the vast grassland, lush forests and blue sky. Hiking on foot, you can watch the scenery slowly, immerse yourself in the stunning view and get close to the original beauty of the nature. You will have a comfortable and memorable experience if you hike in the Terelj National Park.


Hustai National Park: visit the Przewalski’s horse

Hustai National Park is also a good place for hiking. Hustai National Park is famous for the keeping of the Przewalski’s horse. It is a wildlife park, where you can learn about more knowledge of the Przewalski’s horse and other wildlife. You are possible to meet the the Przewalski’s horse in the Hustai National Park. And it is not recommended to hike horseback here.


Hustai National Park


Lake Khovsgol

  • Have a panoramic view of the Lake Khovsgol and its surroundings
  • Hike in the mountains around the lake

Lake Khovsgol


Walk around the Lake Khovsgol, you will be peaceful and joyful with the stunning view of the clear lake and the surrounding forests. Lake Khovsgol is worth hiking around. Lake Khovsgol is a place both suitable for hiking horseback and on foot. It is recommended that hiking on foot while you want to walk around the Lake Khovsgol, which is suitable for stopping to take photos or fully experience the beauty and peace of the lake and the surrounding. If you want to explore the mountains around the lake and have a panoramic view of the lake, you can choose hike horseback, whose experience will be nice. You can slowly feel the beauty of the mountains and the lake.

Gobi Desert

  • Watch the red rocks and soil at the Flaming Cliffs during the sunset
  • Climb to the top of the Khongoryn Els sand dunes
  • Hike in the lush green Yolyn Am Valley in the Gobi Desert
  • Experience the splendid work of nature

Gobi Desert


You can’t miss experiencing the hiking in the Gobi Desert if you travel to Mongolia. As the largest desert in Asia and one of the largest deserts in the world, Gobi Desert provides you stunning view of rocks group, sand dunes, flaming cliffs, grassland and valley.


At the Flaming Cliffs, you can hike on foot to immerse yourself on the red rocks especially during the sunset. Also, you can hike to watch and explore the position of finding dinosaur fossils and eggs. The endless red rocks are astonishing splendid like flaming.


When it comes to the Khongoryn Els sand dunes, hiking on the camel is recommended as well as hiking on foot. Walking on the soft sands will be a nice experience. Hiking on the camel is the thing that you can’t miss in the Gobi Desert.


Hiking in the snow covered Yolyn Am Valley is very cool in summer in Gobi Desert. The snow there is not melted in May, that’s why it is green and cool in summer in the desert. Yolyn Am Valley is an ideal place for hiking lovers because it is about 10 kilometers long, which is a challenge for hikers.



Hiking Tips


Clothes: quick drying clothes are necessary, comfortable sports shoes are needed, and a coat is needed since the temperature difference between day and night is huge.


Guide: Finding a professional and experienced hiking team in Mongolia is very significant, which is safe and will make your journey more comfortable. Especially for the professional hiking team, they will help you to get the most suitable route and give you the perfect experience.


Weather: The weather in Mongolia is hot and dry in summer, please protect yourself from the sunshine and moisturize your skin. And drink enough water to replenish moisture.


Horseback, camel or on foot?

Option of horseback, camel or on foot depends on what you prefer while hiking. We have some suggestions for your reference.


Hiking on horseback is recommended when you visit the Terelj National Park and Lake Khovsgol. Riding a horse on the lush green steppes in the Terelj National Park must be a memorable experience. And we also suggest that ride a horse while visiting the mountains around the Lake Khovsgol to have a panoramic view of the lake.


Hiking on the camel should be experienced in the Gobi Desert. Hiking on the desert, you can feel the splendid and peaceful nature, and its power and harmony. You can’t miss camel riding while traveling to the desert. Hiking on foot and on the camel are both recommended in the Gobi Desert.


Hiking on foot are recommended in the Terelj National Park, Hustai National Park, around the Lake Khovsgol and Yolyn Am Valley.

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