Best Time to Visit Mongolia

As for travelling, everyone has his preference for the time. Some are afraid of heat, others don’t like coldness. And there is not a definite answer. When it comes to the best time to travel to a place, it depends on the travelers. What they prefer decides the time they travel.


There are some countries or places that you can visit at any time since their climate are suitable for traveling in any seasons. However, Mongolia is not this kind of country. Due to it geographical location and the continental climate, Mongolia is very cold in winter and cool in summer. As typical temperate grassy climate, the average temperature of Mongolia in winter is -15℃, which is absolutely freezing cold.


Mongolia has got the name of the Land of Blue Sky because it is sunny for two-thirds of the year. If you plan a travel to Mongolia, the best time to visit Mongolia depends on what season you prefer and what activities you want to experience. We hope that the following contents are helpful for you.



Recommended Time to Visit Mongolia

It is recommended that travel to Mongolia in summer, which refers to June to August. The average temperature of Mongolia’s summer is about 20℃, which is ideal for the tourists looking for places to avoid the heat. As typical continental climate, the temperature in Mongolia changes much between day and night in summer, whose difference is about 10℃.


And in summer, the steppes of Mongolia are green. If you want to visit the green grassland, summer is recommended for you. It is very suitable for photographing on the lush steppes under the blue sky and white clouds. You can even imagine the picturesque and wonderful image.


Summer in Mongolia is also the time of holding the Naadam Festival, which is one of the largest and most significant festivals in Mongolia. As a traditional and national festival in Mongolia, you can watch the competitions of horse racing, wrestling and archery. By the way, you can taste many kinds of delicious food at Naadam.



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Climate and Weather in Mongolia in Seasons


Unlike other countries, the temperature of Mongolia in spring is below zero, which is still cold. So you won’t see the green grassland in Mongolia at this time. And spring in Mongolia is not a good season for herders since the sheep and cows are thin.


In spring, sandstorms occur frequently in Mongolia. The freezing weather and the sandstorms are both not good condition for traveling. And spring is not recommended to visit Mongolia.



Summer is the first choice of most of the tourists who plan to travel to Mongolia. Summer in Mongolia is comfortable for many people because of the cool weather. It is not too hot in summer and tourists will pick it to avoid the heat.


In summer of Mongolia, you will see green steppes under the blue sky and white clouds, you can attend the grand Naadam Festival with the friendly Mongolian people, and you can explore the ancient monasteries and historical monuments in Mongolia.


The Gobi Desert can be hot in summer, whose temperature can reach 40℃. If you want to visit the Gobi Desert in summer, you’d better choose morning or afternoon at a lower temperature, which is also good time to watch the sunrise and sunset. Sunrise or sunset in the desert is the thing you shouldn’t miss.



Autumn is also a good time to visit Mongolia, though the weather is a bit cooler. If season has color, the color of summer in Mongolia is green and the color of autumn is yellow. The steppes and forests turn yellow in autumn, providing you a spectacular golden world.


In autumn, you will meet herds of migratory birds like swans by the lakes of Mongolia, they are flying to the south. Colorful birds, golden grassland and yellow forests make up a peaceful and picturesque image.



The winter in Mongolia lasts a long time from November to March, accompanied by frozen temperature. Generally speaking, winter is not recommended to travel to Mongolia. But it doesn’t mean traveling to Mongolia in winter is boring.


There are also winter activities you can try in Mongolia. Skiing and snowboarding are popular in winter in Mongolia. And the winter in Lake Khovsgol is pretty white and beautiful. Riding a motorbike on the frozen surface of the lake will be exciting.


The Best Time to Explore the Gobi Desert

When is the best time to explore the Gobi Desert? There is no doubt that autumn is the best time to visit the Gobi Desert. Specifically, September and October are the best months to see the Gobi Desert. It is not so hot and dry like that in summer.


Compared with the high temperature in summer in Gobi Desert, autumn is more comfortable for traveling. No matter climbing up to the top of the sand dunes, hiking in the deserts or riding a camel on the desert, traveling in autumn is cool.


Besides, traveling to Gobi Desert in autumn is cheaper than that in summer. If you have an limited budget and want to experience the Gobi Desert, September and October are recommended for you.


The Best Time to Visit the Lake Khovsgol

Summer is suggested to visit the Lake Khovsgol. In summer, sky is blue, water is crystal clear and the grass and forests are definitely green. The water in the Lake Khovsgol must be the most beautiful, whose color is just like the sea. The beauty of Lake Khovsgol is soft and gentle, which is different from the wild impression of Mongolia.


Different with the peaceful and picturesque in summer, the Lake Khovsgol in winter is spectacular with everything white. If you are not afraid of the cold weather in winter at Lake Khovsgol, you can go to Lake Khovsgol in winter. You can have a try of motorbiking or fishing here.


Recommended Time to Avoid the Crowds in Mongolia

June to August are the ideal period for most of the tourists to travel to Mongolia. If you want to avoid the crowds, you can choose September or October to Mongolia. That means you won’t see the lush green steppes and the grand Naadam Festival.


However, autumn is also beautiful in Mongolia. You will see the golden forests and yellow grassland instead of green and lush one. Tourists in autumn is less than that in summer, your journey will be more relaxing and comfortable. Besides, avoiding the peak season helps you save some money as well as having a better traveling experience.


September and October are good time to explore the Gobi Desert as just mentioned. Visiting the Gobi Desert in autumn is cool and comfortable.

Travel to Mongolia during Naadam Festival

Naadam is celebrated every year in Mongolia from July 11 to July 13. The National Naadam Festival is held in Ulaanbaatar at the National Sports Stadium. The Mongolian nomadic culture, performing arts, national cuisine and folk music can be experienced during the Naadam Festival.


Mongolia, especially Ulaanbaatar, is crowded during the Naadam Festival. Traveling to Mongolia during Naadam has its advantages and disadvantages. You can consider and decide when to visit Mongolia.


Advantages of Visiting Mongolia during Naadam

  • Lush green steppes and forests in Mongolia
  • Have fun and taste delicious food at Naadam
  • Experience the nomadic life of local herders
  • Visit the herds of cows and sheep



  • Busy traffic
  • Crowded tourists
  • Hotels are more expensive


Weather Tips in Mongolia

As typical continental climate, the temperature difference between day and night is large in Mongolia. So you should take coats when traveling to Mongolia in summer. When it comes to travel to Mongolia, you should pay attention to weather.


In spring, though it is still cold, you’d better take your sunglasses and jackets. In order to protect yourself from the sandstorms, remember to cover your nose.


In summer, except for the summer clothes, please carry your coats to wear at night. And sunglasses, suncream and cap are needed to protect yourself from the sunshine and moisturize your skin.


In autumn, the weather is a bit cold. Please take enough clothes to keep warm. And the temperature difference is huge between day and night, pay attention to the low temperature at nights.


In winter, it is freezing cold. The winter in Mongolia is long and cold. Thick clothes, hats, gloves and scarves are necessary.

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