Maldives Recommendations

If you have many opportunities to travel abroad in your life, you must come to the Maldives; if you have only one opportunity to travel abroad in your life, then you must come to the Maldives.In recent years, it has became a popular destination for tourist from all over the world. Honeymoon Island, Coconut Island, Central Grande Island and Male Island are all must-visit islands in the Maldives. Watch dolphins, fishing at dusk, and spa treatments are all must-do things in Maldives. The delicacies of Maldives are also unforgettable. In addition to common tropical fruits and various seafood, there are also more traditional local delicacies in Maldives. Caldia, fried fish balls, tuna and Dufa Italian fin Thai are all must-eat delicacies in Maldives, etc.. Here recommend you from food & drinks, best tourist attractions, top things to do to, hotels and shopping centers in Maldives for your reference.