What to Pack to Malaysia

Malaysia is rich in tourism resources with abundant sunshine and pleasant climate. You can enjoy high-quality beaches, strange islands, primitive tropical jungles, precious plants and animals, diverse caves, ancient folk customs, long historical and cultural relics and modern cities here. Before traveling to Malaysia, what to pack to Malaysia? What to wear in Malaysia? These are the issues you must be concerned about.


Langkawi Beach

Langkawi Beach


What to wear in Malaysia?

What clothes are suitable for different seasons? Loose fit clothes made of lightweight materials are a wise choice throughout the year. Cotton or moisture-wicking material is also ideal because it maintains constant humidity. Lightweight summer clothing can be worn throughout Malaysia all year round. It is recommended that women cover their legs and upper arms in public to avoid violating local cultural norms.


summer clothing


Bring a thin coat to avoid excessive temperature difference between morning and evening or air-conditioned rooms. Due to the tropical maritime climate, the weather is rainy in Malaysia. Always remember to bring an umbrella when you go out, even if the weather is good.


What to pack to Malaysia?

1. Travel documents for Malaysia

Travel documents for Malaysia include passport, visa, hotel reservation, air ticket itinerary, boarding pass, etc. It is recommended to prepare a small document bag, and print the passport, hotel reservation and air ticket itinerary in advance and put them together




Travellers to Malaysia must hold a passport or other internationally recognized travel document and a tourist visa for Malaysia. The passport valid for entry shall not be less than 6 months.


2. Cash and bank cards

When entering customs, the Airport Immigration Bureau will check whether the amount of cash carried by the passenger is sufficient to cover the expenses during the period in Malaysia. The basic reference standard for Malaysia is at least MYR 2000 (approximately US$500), which is based on the Malaysian side's living consumption level. Besides cash, remember to bring Master card and VISA card and American Express. 


malaysian ringgit


3. Medicines and drugs

When touring in Malaysia, you may not be acclimatized, so it is best to bring some standing drugs from your country. Please prepare cold medicine, anti-mosquito medicine, inflammatory medicine, band-aids, stomachache medicine, as well as the standing medicines you need. In foreign countries.




If you take certain kinds of medicines for a long time, such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stomach disease, diabetes, etc., you must bring enough medicines and doctor's prescriptions just in case. In addition, you should avoid drinking raw water and overeating, and strive to get enough sleep to maintain your health.


4. Cosmetics and skincare products

If you have skincare products that you particularly like, bring a sample of it. If your skin is sensitive, bring the cosmetics and skincare products you use regularly.




Cosmetics also can be purchased in Malaysia. Most of the products are cheaper than domestic ones. You can find alternatives at the right price in Malaysia.


5. Daily necessities

The daily necessities that need to be carried include toiletries such as shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, towels, etc. These items do not need to be carried too much. You can also buy body wash and shampoo in Malaysian stores.


daily necessities


6. Sun protection products

Malaysia has a tropical rainforest climate and the annual average temperature is 27°C. Due to the direct sunlight, it is hot and rainy all year round. So, the high-yield sunscreens and wide-brimmed visors are essential items, and sunglasses are useful protection products.


Sun protection products


7. Rain gear

Rainfall in Malaysia is abundant throughout the year. The annual precipitation can reach more than 2000 mm. The seasons are evenly distributed and there is no drought period. November is the wettest month, with an average rainfall of 320 mm.


rain gear


In Malaysia, there are quite a lot of rains, so it is recommended to bring rain gear in all seasons. You are advised to bring a good quality disposable raincoat (can be sold in the wholesale market), which is light and compact and easy to carry. You are also able to bring an umbrella.


8. Digital related products

Camera, charger, adapter, iPad, electronic dictionary and smart phone are all useful during the trip. If you bring your own imported cameras, cameras with zoom lenses, or laptops to go abroad, you need to declare clearly to the customs when you leave your country, and keep the receipts to avoid the trouble of taxation when entering the country.




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