Etiquette and Taboo in Malaysia

Federation of Malaysia is made up of Malaysia in the southern peninsula of Malaysia and Sarawak and Sabah in the northern part of Kalimantan. Malaysia is a country with multiple religions. The religions here are the fusion of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and so on.


Malaysian culture is a "multiracial culture" that integrates the cultural characteristics of the Malays, Chinese, Indians and other indigenous peoples. In this land with beautiful landscapes and rich products, people from all ethnic groups gathered together and formed special customs. Before traveling to Malaysia, you need to understand some etiquette and taboo in Malaysia


Etiquette in Malaysia

As Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country, before traveling to Malaysia for the first time, we need to learn some surname etiquette, reunion etiquette, food etiquette, clothing etiquette, etc.


Etiquette in Malaysia


1. Different ethnic groups in Malaysia adopt different meeting etiquette. The normal way for Malaysians is to gently nod their heads to show respect. When Chinese and Indians in Malaysia meet strangers, they generally shake hands as a hangout.


2. Malaysians generally only have their own first name instead of a fixed last name. Children uses the father's first name as the surname, and the father's surname is the grandfather's first name, so the family's surnames vary from generation to generation.


3. Malaysia is a country where Islam is the state religion, so it abides by Islamic canons in food customs. They like to drink coconut water, black tea, coffee, etc., but avoid alcoholic beverages. They also don't eat dishes made of pork and dog. Malays are generally very hospitable, so they are happy if guests eat or drink at the host's house.


4. Malaysians like to hold the food with their hands. Only at formal banquets, Malaysians eat with a knife and fork. The right hand is generally used during meals, and the left hand is considered a "dirty hand".


5. On social occasions, Malays can wear suits or skirts. Malaysians prefer red, orange and other bright colors.


Taboo in Malaysia

To travel to Malaysia, it is not enough to understand Malaysian etiquette. We also need to know some of the taboo in Malaysia.


Taboos in Malaysia


1. Do not use your index finger to point at people, and do not expose the soles of your feet in front of other people. It is considered an insult to people.


2. In Malaysia, the head is considered the most sacred part. When you are around children, you should not touch their heads.


3. Malaysians don't like to be asked about their age. It would be considered rude to ask about the age.


4. Taboo numbers for Malaysians are 0, 4, 13. Yellow is prohibited and black is generally not used alone.


5. Avoid using pig leather products, avoid using lacquerwares, and avoid talking about pigs and dogs.


6. Malaysians believe that the left hand is not clean and cannot use the left hand to pass things on to others. When they have to use their left hand, they should say "I'm sorry."

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