8 Best Souvenirs to Buy in Malaysia

Malaysia is a tourist paradise full of sunshine and ancient folk customs. Its unique environment and climate have given birth to many unique specialties of Malaysia. if you have the opportunity to travel to Malaysia, what special products should you buy? Read on the 8 best souvenirs to buy in Malaysia.


1. Bird's Nest

If you go to Malaysia, you must buy bird's nest, which is one of the main producing areas of bird's nest. The best bird's nests in the world are basically produced in Malaysia and Indonesia. The bird's nests from these two places have the best effect. Due to the different collection time, it can be divided into three types: swallow nest, cave nest and red nest.


Bird's Nest


Malaysian bird's nest accounts for 80% of the world's total bird's nest production. Among them, swiftlet saliva has the highest protein purity and nutritional value. Eating bird's nest on an empty stomach with milk before going to bed is not only beneficial to the absorption of nutrients, but also helps sleep, and has the effect of beauty and nourishment.


2. Pewter Wares 

Pewter Wares are also a specialty of Malaysia, which is one of the best souvenirs to buy in Malaysia. Malaysia is rich in tin ore resources since ancient times, and tinware has always been a representative of Malaysia's famous traditional handicrafts. Malaysian tin ware occupies a unique position among all kinds of precious metal crafts in the world.


Pewter Wares 


Pewterware in Malaysia has been recognized as high-end gifts and valuable collectibles. Malaysian tin products are not only of high value and high quality, but also emphasize unique design and practicality. Malaysian tin products are not easy to oxidize in the air, and are especially suitable for making tea cans or cups, which are beautiful and practical.


3. White Coffee 

White coffee is one of the specialty products of Malaysia that you should not miss. Coffee all over the world has its own characteristics, and Malaysian white coffee is smooth and not bitter. Sugar and wheat are not added in the baking process, so the color is light and not burnt, but the taste is more aromatic and mellow.


White Coffee 


Low-temperature roasted white coffee is a unique technology in Malaysia. Because of its light color, it is called "white coffee". It does not have the bitter sourness of high-temperature roasting. The white coffee in instant packaging is also loved by many tourists.


4. Batik Fabric

Malaysian handmade batik fabric has been famous in Southeast Asia since ancient times. The silk or cotton cloth is dyed with brightly colored butterflies, flowers, birds and geometric patterns. The design is unique and distinctive.


Batik Fabric


Batik fabrics in Malaysia has a variety of attractive designs and colors. They are made by wax drawing or hot waxed imprints. Batik fabrics can be made into clothing, tablecloths, curtains, handbags, pictures and hats. Batik products have very national characteristics, and they are also very special as gifts!


5. Tongkat Ali 

The entire tree of Tongkat Ali is a treasure, with high medicinal value, especially the roots, which have a long history of magical effects. It has been used as a traditional medicinal material and tonic in the folk villages of Southeast Asia for hundreds of years.


Tongkat Ali 


Tongkat Ali can be used as a single medicine or an important prescription. The local people are convinced that it "can cure all diseases." In traditional medicine, it is widely used to improve human immunity, maintain health and prolong life, postpartum nourishment, decompression, kidney strengthening, diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, rheumatism, prostatitis, Allergic constitution, cancer, etc.


6. Durian

Malaysia is known as the birthplace of durian because of its unique terrain, climate and durian cultivation methods. Not eating Malaysian durian means you haven't eaten durian before. Malaysia durian is regarded as the symbol of top durian.




Malaysian Musang King durian is strictly required to be "matured on the tree" and consumed within two days after the "fruit drop naturally". Because of its high nutritional value, it is very easy to spoil. Therefore, all genuine Musang King products must be exported, preserved and sold in the form of frozen pulp or puree, which is very precious.


7. Wind-cvre Oil

Wind-cvre Oil is a kind of medicine oil. There are many varieties of Wind-cvre Oil, and the best sellers should be Malaysia Fine-Taste brand and Nanyang Singapore Headway brand. These brands have a long history and have been sold in Southeast Asia for hundreds of years.


Wind-cvre Oil


This medicine can penetrate human cells and tissues, promote human blood circulation, treat various medical and surgical diseases without any adverse reactions, and has the effect of curing and preventing diseases. Wind-cvre Oil is especially suitable for the elderly as a gift.


8. Orchid series perfume 

There are more than 8,000 different species of flowers in Malaysia, including more than 800 orchids. Orchid series perfumes are abundant in the local area, with long-lasting fragrance. And the price is very cheap.


Orchid series perfume 


Local Muslims especially like to use perfume. It has no alcohol content. The fragrance is natural and pure, slightly richer than the floral scent. It is the best gifts for female friends.

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