8 Best Islands to Visit in Malaysia

Malaysia attracts tourists from all over the world every year because of its numerous islands, beautiful beaches, exotic tropical rainforests and unique culture. Where to go when you go on holiday to Malaysia? Today, TAT will introduce the best islands to visit in Malaysia to you. Let's take a look at these charming islands.


1. Pulau Perhentian 

The Pulau Perhentian located in the northeastern part of Malaysia, known as the "Must-Visit Malaysian Islands", which are composed of small and large Perhentian islands. There are turquoise waters and tropical rain forests. Due to the relatively long distance and the difficulty for foreign tourists to reach, this place is like a free paradise.


Pulau Perhentian 


On Perhentian Island, you can jump from the beach into the crystal clear waters for snorkeling activities at any time. Also, you can be led by local fishermen on a leisurely cruise around the island or swim with sharks and turtles in secluded overseas. In the evening, you can sit in the beach bar and feel the charm of the night here.


2. Tioman Island 

Tioman Island, located in the east of Malaysia, is famous for its beautiful coral reefs. Tioman Island was considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world in the 1970s. At that time, this teardrop-shaped island with dramatic terrain in the South China Sea was selected as the shooting location for an Oscar-winning film called South Pacific and put on the big screen.


Tioman Island 


Tioman Island retains the pristine and wild natural environment that most other islands in Southeast Asia do not have. On the island, you can see huge monitor lizards wandering in the Malay countryside, looking for food. But don't worry, they will avoid humans most of the time. The waters of Tioman Island are suitable for hosting various water activities such as swimming, boating, canoeing or sailing. It is also a well-known diving paradise.


3. Langkawi Island

Langkawi, the most prestigious self-driving resort in Malaysia, is composed of 99 Malaysian islands in the Andaman Sea and is close to the Thai border. Visitors can board the Sky Bridge to see the entire island scenery, visit the indoor aquarium of the Underwater World, and watch cultural performances in the Oriental Village.


langkawi island


The famous resorts dotted with its beautiful sandy beaches, making Langkawi a star tourist resort in Malaysia. The best way to get a panoramic view of Langkawi is to take the cable car. After Langkawi became a duty-free island in 1986, it has brought a large number of holiday tourists here. Since then, Langkawi has developed rapidly.


4. Penang Island 

Penang is also one of the must-visit islands in Malaysia. Penang is famed as the "Pearl of the Orient" because of its important position in the maritime trade route. It is famous for its diverse cultures, monuments and snacks. In addition, Penang has also been selected by CNN as one of the 17 best tourist attractions in the world in 2017. In 2008, the capital city of George Town and Malacca City were listed as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.


Penang Island 


5. Labuan Island 

Clear waters, white sandy beaches and offshore banks are the three key words of the small island of Labuan. Located between Sarawak and Sabah, Labuan off the coast of East Malaysia is one of the three federal territories. It has a special status as an offshore financial center and a free trade zone, attracting a lot of foreign investment in the financial industry.


labuan island


In addition to financial business, Labuan Island is also very suitable for novice divers. Over the years, countless ships have sunk in the shallow waters of Labuan, such as the famous blue water and cement shipwrecks, so shipwreck diving is a major feature here. Besides, Labuan Island also preserves the war cemetery of Allied soldiers who died in World War II. A memorial ceremony is held here every year.


6. Sipadan Island 

Sipadan is the only deep ocean island in Malaysia. For diving enthusiasts, the existence of this island is a legend in itself. Due to its central location in the habitat of the most diverse marine life, Sipadan Island is known as the best diving site in the world.


 Sipadan Island 


In addition to the beautiful beaches, there is nothing more exciting than its underwater world. From shallow to deep, you can see corals, sea anemones, sponges of various shapes, and huge schools of thousands of white fish and other fish. Sipadan is suitable for diving all year round. Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the father of diving in the world, called it "an artwork that has not been violated."


7. Redang Island 

Excellent coral conservation and clear waters make Redang Island one of the popular places for snorkeling and diving. In 2000, this Malaysian island was selected as the movie setting of the Hong Kong movie "Summer More More Tea". The success of this movie caused a sudden influx of tourists.


redang island


Redang Island has always been a beautiful sea garden in the hearts of Malaysians. To Redang Island, you must go to the nearby Turtle Island and Ocean Park. As the most important sea turtle laying and hatching site in Southeast Asia, Turtle Island is a safe breeding paradise for endangered green sea turtles and hawksbill turtles.


8. Pangkor Island 

Pangkor Island is a small island integrating fishing and holiday destinations. Pangkor Island is a good place for tourism and vacation, which is often overshadowed by the reputation of Penang and Langkawi. It is one of the earliest beach resorts developed in Malaysia and still maintains its original beauty. It has become a heaven for tourists and is recognized as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.


pangkor island


The important local attractions are the 17th-century Dutch castle and the efficacious Foo Lin Kong Temple, among which the mini version of the Great Wall of China in Foo Lin Kong Temple is very distinctive. The nightlife here is not colorful. On this less crowded beach, all you can have is local food and a warm and friendly human atmosphere.

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