Indonesia Attractions

Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia, bordering Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Malaysia. It is composed of tens of thousands of islands and is the largest island country in the world, known as "the country of a thousand islands". The islands are full of mountains and green waters. All seasons here are summer, people call it "the emerald on the equator". What are the best tourist spots in Indonesia? Whether it is the magnificent beach seascape - Nusa Lembongan, one of the ten most beautiful beaches to admire the sunset in the world - Jimbaran Beach, the most unique Balinese temple on the sea - Kuta Beach or the tourist site inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO - Borobudur Tower, etc. worth your time and money to visit. These fascinating tourist attractions in Indonesia attract tourists from all over the world. Are you eager to plan a trip to Indonesia? The following attractions of Indonesia are presented for your reference.