Mekong Delta in Vietnam


The Mekong Delta is located at the southernmost tip of Vietnam, between Ho Chi Minh City and Cambodia. You might as well call it the Nine Dragon River Delta. It is the most fertile place in Vietnam, the most densely populated place in Vietnam and the largest plain in Southeast Asia.

Mekong Delta


Origin of Mekong River

The Mekong River originates from the northeastern slope of Tanggula Mountain in Qinghai Province, China. It is called the Lancang River in China, and the river section after flowing into Southeast Asian countries is called the Mekong River. After leaving China through Yunan, China, it runs through Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and flows into the South China Sea in Ho Chi Minh City. As the Mekong river is divided into nine rivers in Vietnam, the Vietnamese also calls it the Nine Dragon River. Nine tributaries form a tight river network, forming the fertile Mekong delta with an area of about 44,000 square kilometers.


Attractions in Mekong Delta

Vinh Trang Temple in My Tho

Vinh Trang Temple lies in the most visited city My Tho in the Mekong Delta. Built in 1849, it is one of the celebrated Buddhist temples in Mekong Delta, covering an area of about 2000 square kilometers. The temple follows some elements of Hindu temples which are clearly expressed through the architectural style.


The buildings are brightly colored, the lines and feet are numerous, and the weight is light. It fully embodies the exquisite craftsmanship of the craftsmen and the high aesthetics. The 60 precious wooden statues enshrined in the temple that is also known as the fine art of carving in the early 20th century.

Location: Nguyen Trung Truc, My Tho, Vietnam


Mekong Delta


Ong Temple in Can Tho

Ong temple is conveniently located near the central area of Can Tho, where is the center of Chinese religious and cultural activities. The temple is set inside the Guangzhou Assembly Hall and is the most beautiful Chinese temple in the town. Ong temple was originally built for worship Kuang Kung in the late 19th century. The temple enshrines Kuang Kung, God of Earth and God of Wealth.

Location: 32 Hai Ba Trung street, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho 92000, Vietnam


Cai Rang Floating Market in Can Tho

Cai Rang is the largest and best-known floating market in the Mekong Delta. You can rent a ferry on the river near Can Tho Market. This market belongs to the morning market, and trading begins at dawn. Every day, there are a large number of cargo ships coming to trade local products. It seems that all the specialties of the Mekong River in Vietnam are available. It seems that the entire Mekong River Basin has specialties. Unlike the floating market in Thailand, the market here is mainly based on large-scale transactions, or wholesale.


The floating market is almost 8,900 meters long and trades fruits and vegetables. Each boat has a long bamboo pole with a variety of vegetables and fruits. It takes an hour by boat to reach Cai Rang. Or take a bus to the Cau Dau Sau ferry terminal, then take a boat (50 000 d per hour) to the market, which takes about 10 minutes.

Location: Cai Rang River | Near Cai Rang Bridge, Can Tho 920000, Vietnam


Climate of Mekong Delta

The weather in Mekong Delta is a humid tropical climate. The Mekong Delta is located in the center of the Asian tropical monsoon region. It is affected by the southwest monsoon from the sea at the end of May to September when the weather is humid and rainy. The rainy season falls from May to October. From November to mid-March, affected by the northeast monsoon from the mainland, the climate in Mekong Delta is dry and less rainfall. The dry season lasts from October to November, and there are tides from September to March.


Best Time to Visit Mekong Delta

The best time to visit Mekong Delta is during the dry season from December to May when the weather is sunny and the sky is blue. You don't have to worry about the seasonal rain that will bring floods.


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