Marble Mountains in Da Nang


  • Location: Hoa Hai | Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang 550000, Vietnam
  • Opening hour: 7:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Entrance ticket: 40,000 VND
  • Thuy Son Cave: 40.000 VND
  • Am Phu Cave: 20.000 VND
  • Elevator fee (one way): 15.000 VND


Marble Mountains

Located about 10 kilometers southeast of Da Nang City in central Vietnam, near the ancient city Hue, Marble Mountains are well-known for its five elements mountains, namely Kim (metal), Thuy (water), Moc (wood), Hoa (fire) and Tho (earth). The five peaks rise from the ground and are magnificent and splendid, hence the name Marble Mountains. There are a large number of Buddha totems hidden in the Marble Mountains, and believers come to worship all the year round. Marble mountains are one of popular attractions in Da Nang.


It is said that the five peaks of the Five Elements Mountains were originally five small islands. Later, due to the movement of the earth's crust, the five small islands gradually came together and slowly piled up into mountains, forming a beautiful scene of the mountain. The largest and most beautiful of the Five Elements Mountain is the Water Peak, which is the most important attraction in the Marble Mountain Scenic Area.


Metal Mountain 

Quan Am Cave is a must see attraction to visitors in Metal Mountain. The length of the cave is 64 meters, the highest part is about 7 meters and the width are 7 meters. The cave was discovered in 1956. What impresses most is that the natural marble statue of the Bodhisattva in human size. It is believed to have magical powers. Visitors can also find a crystal clean water pond in the cave that comes from the Co Co River.


Water Mountain

Marble Mountains

Water mountain is located in the northeast, with an elevation of 108 square meters, which is the tallest and the most famous attraction in Marble Mountains. The water mountain is not only tall, magnificent, beautiful, but also has some natural caves with a few feet high, such as Huyen Khong Cave, Hell Cave, Hoa Nghiem Cave, and so on. Mt. Water is famous for its amazing system of pagodas and shrines. The cave contains a large collection of Buddha statues and jade, which attract a large number of pilgrims and believers come to worship every day. On the birthday of the Valokitesvara(Goddess of Mercy) on February 19 of the lunar calendar, and it is even more crowded and bustling. Naturally formed caves have become a holy place for Hinduism and Buddhism.


In addition to natural caves, sacred pagodas are also highlight of water mountain. Linh Ung pagoda is the oldest and the most sacred pagoda of Da Nang. Tam Thai pagoda situates on the west of Mountain of Water, which has 3 level of entrances and houses based on the writing of the word Vương (the King) in Chinese character.


Wood Mountain

A long time ago, Wood Mountain was said to be a charming mountain with a majestic cliff. After years of severe over-exploitation, today's mountain looks like an old city wall that has long since been abandoned. There are no special attractions in Wood Mountain, you can visit it and make your trip to Marble Mountains more complete.


Fire Mountain

Fire mountain is the only double peak in Marble Mountains, a combination of positive fire and negative fire, connected by a natural rocky road. Three ancient pagodas on the mountain: Linh Son Pagoda (with Huyen Vi Cave), Pho Da Son Pagoda (with Pho Da Son Cave) and Ung Nhien Pagoda (connected the two peaks) are worth a visit, if you are planning to travel to Fire Mountain.


Earth Mountain

Marble Mountains

Earth mountain used to be a great huge refuge for Cham people, before it was conquered by Tran Dynasty in 1471. At present, the relics of the Cham temple are still can be found, the structure of which is very similar to the My Son Temples. Because both Cham temples are inspired by Hinduism. This mountain is a less popular part of the Marble Mountains because there are not many relics of historical or cultural value.


Best Time to Visit Marble Mountains

Marble mountains are located on the edge of the vast sea and belong to the tropical coastal area. Marble mountain is suitable to travel in any time of the year, especially June to August in summer. It is not suitable for you to come here on rainy days, usually in stormy season from September to November. The trail becomes really slimy after it rains. We must take the weather into consideration first when climbing mountains. There will be a small climb in the process of going up the mountain. The part of climbing is a bit hard and steep. It is not recommended for the elderly and children.


How to Get Marble Mountains

Marble Mountain is located 10 kilometers southeast of Da Nang City, which is easily accessible by taxi, bus, motorbike, bike or car. You can go by taxi from anywhere in Da Nang to reach the destination. It is best to take a taxi with 4 or 6 people and share the fare. It is more cost-effective. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get by taxi.


If you travel from Hoi An, the cheapest way is to take a bus. The bus station is on Le Hong Phong, near Hoi An Silk Village. It takes about 40 minutes to get to Marble Mountain by bus.


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