MyanmarTravel & Entry Restrictions in 2022 (Updated on April 27, 2022)

Want to travel to Myanmar? Do you know what is Myanmar's latest inbound tourism policy in 2022? Don't know yet? This article will answer your doubts. The latest entry guidelines for Myanmar in 2022, including visas, air tickets, hotels, quarantine and other related information are all here.


In light of the changing COVID-19 situation and the rapid increase in COVID-19 cases globally, all new electronic visa (tourist visa) applications will be suspended, according to a government document issued by the Myanmar Immigration and Population Department. Now you can apply for a business visa to Myanmar, and the application for a tourist visa is temporarily suspended.


Myanmar is one of the popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Before going to Myanmar, you must do 3 things: apply for a visa, buy a flight ticket and learn about entry isolation.


Myanmar's latest entry policy

  • Hold a valid visa (passport must be more than 6 months)
  • 48-hour nucleic acid test report.
  • 10 days of quarantine is required, and 2 nucleic acid tests are required during the quarantine period, and the cost is about US$300.
  • Remarks: You need to book the flight one week in advance before entering the country, and the flight number of the ticket needs to be sent to the agent for the record in advance.


Apply for a Myanmar visa (business visa)

There are currently two ways to apply for a Myanmar business visa (simplified version, delivery):

  • For the simplified version of Myanmar business visa application, the required materials: original passport, 2-inch white background photo, copy of ID card, application form. This price is expensive.
  • There are approval documents to be sent on behalf of the company. Required materials: original passport + 2 photos with white background + copy of ID card + invitation letter from Myanmar company + dispatch letter from Chinese company + approval document (the company on the approval document is the same as the company invited by the dispatch company). This kind of material that needs to be provided by individuals is more complicated.
  • Remarks: Nowadays, when you go to Myanmar to apply for a business visa, you basically choose the simplified version. Even if you send the information on your behalf, your information may not fully meet the requirements of the consulate. So if you are in a hurry to enter Myanmar, then you can directly choose the simplified version of the application.


Arrival in Myanmar (hotel quarantine)

  • Upon arrival, directly follow the instructions and follow the staff to the quarantine hall. (After the health and quarantine inspection, the police invitation inspection, and the immigration inspection, you can go to pick up your luggage. After that, the airport authorities will arrange for all personnel to take the bus from the isolated hotel to the hotel for isolation.)
  • You should not leave by yourself at the airport. The quarantine hotel is arranged by the airport epidemic prevention department. In principle, you are not allowed to designate the hotel yourself.
  • Arrive at the hotel. (Isolation period is 10 days), the cost includes room fee of 60-150 US dollars per person per day, including 3 meals a day. Due to different hotel levels, room rates vary. During the quarantine period, 2 nucleic acid tests will be performed, and the cost will be around $300. The overall cost of isolation and testing is between $1,100 and $1,300. These fees can be paid directly to the hotel.
  • Remarks: The current policy is to isolate for 10 days. Will it change after that, or whether it can be isolated after being vaccinated? Hotel isolation will also change according to policy changes, and how many days you will be paid for how many days you stay.


Myanmar has not been able to apply for an entry tourist visa so far, but only a business visa, so it is not possible to travel to Myanmar for the time being. If you want to plan a trip to Myanmar, feel free to contact us for a free consultation or get our latest information. You can also submit your request directly to create your own Myanmar tour.



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