Top 5 Best Food in Bagan

Bagan is a famous tourist destination in Myanmar. There are lots of tourists everyday. In addition to famous pagodas in Bagan, such as Shwezigon Pagoda, Htilominlo Temple and Dhammayangyi Temple, you must eat food in Bagan. What to eat in Bagan? There are traditional Burmese food including Burmese curry, rice noodles with coconut juice and chicken, tea leaf salad, fish soup rice noodles and glutinous rice. These dishes are top 5 best food that you should try in Bagan.


Conclusion of food in Bagan

Burmese people like to eat coconut milk rice and glutinous rice with turmeric powder, shredded coconut and shrimp pine. Burmese people generally like to eat Western food in the morning. They generally like to eat Chinese food in the afternoon and evening. Burmese people like to use chili oil and chili sauce as seasonings. They used to get a spoon and a soup plate when they are eating. They are not used to using bowls. For Burmese people, the dining tool is the right hand, which is smart and convenient to eat food. The restaurants on the roadside between New Bagan area and Old Bagan area are basically Western restaurants. Almost every restaurant has rice and rice noodles.


What to eat in Bagan?

No.1 Food in Bagan - Burmese Curry

Burmese Curry

There are curry rice in almost all the tropical regions where spices are abundant. Myanmar is no exception. The staple food of curry rice can be any meat such as chicken, fish or beef. Unlike curries in other places, the Burmese curry rice is quite greasy. After placing the Burmese curry for a while, its oil layer and spice layer will be clearly separated. Although the Burmese curry rice is oily, the curry sauce used is very delicious. Locals usually eat it with a bowl of rice. Taking into account the tastes of foreigners, the Burmese curry rice served in restaurants of Bagan is usually not too oily. If you want to try Burmese curry in Bagan, please feel free to try it.


No.2 Food in Bagan - Rice noodles with coconut juice and chicken

Rice noodles with coconut juice and chicken

Traditional foods such as rice noodles with coconut juice and chicken can be found in almost all restaurants in Bagan. It is made of a local rice noodles. The soup of this kind of rice noodles is important. Some restaurants use almost no water only coconut juice to cook this rice noodles. This food is generally coconut and chicken soup plus rice noodles. Some restaurants add extra bean sprouts or egg slices in the rice noodles. In addition to Burmese curry, rice noodles with coconut juice and chicken is a food that you can try in Bagan.


No.3 Food in Bagan - Tea leaf salad

Tea leaf salad

Most salads are made with fruits. But in Myanmar, there is an unique salad made with tea leaves. Burmese people call it Latphet. Tea leaf salad is perhaps the most famous food in Myanmar. Burmese people often use tea as a dessert. Tea leaf salad can be a snack, a plate of appetizers or a dish served with rice. How to make this dish? To make this dish, you need to mix the sour and slightly bitter tea leaves with the torn cabbage, sliced tomatoes, crispy beans, nuts and peas, then add garlic oil and chopped peppers. This is a special  and traditional Burmese food that you must try in Bagan.


No.4 Food in Bagan - Fish soup rice noodles

Fish soup rice noodles

Fish soup rice noodles is a traditional food in the northern part of Myanmar and has become popular from the Bagan area. Unlike the rice noodles in other countries of Southeast Asia, the fish soup rice noodles in Bagan are very soft. The soup of this rice noodles is made of fresh fish. So the soup is very fresh. Although it is an ordinary dish in Myanmar, it is also worth trying.


No.5 Food in Bagan - Glutinous Rice

Glutinous Rice

Glutinous rice is an ordinary dish in almost all areas of Myanmar, Bagan is no exception. The glutinous rice in Bagan will be mixed with various seasonings and then served with dried meat or shrimp paste. The glutinous rice tastes very fragrant. The price of this food is about 500 kyats. So it is also a food that you should try in Bagan.

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