Malaysia Travel & Entry Restrictions in 2022 (Updated on April 27, 2022)

Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri announced that Malaysia will reopen the country on April 1, and all those entering the country who have completed the vaccination do not need to quarantine. The Malaysian government stipulates that people entering the country from abroad must undergo a new crown virus test 2 days before departure and within 24 hours after entry. So, what is the application process for entering Malaysia? What information do I need to prepare? For specific entry instructions, please read the following carefully.


Details of Malaysia's April 1 opening of borders

  • Nationals with legal documents can go abroad
  • Foreigners must undergo PCR test 2 days before entry
  • RTK-Ag test within 2 hours of entry
  • Those who received 2 doses of vaccine do not need to isolate
  • Repeal MyTravelPass
  • Immigrants must download MySejahtera and fill in the information
  • Entry via the Vaccinator Travel Corridor (VTL) when travelling to countries that do not fully open their borders
  • From April 1, the government will no longer restrict the opening hours of stores. Stores can be licensed under license. Set your own business hours. This also means that people can dine in the restaurant after 12am


Other details

  • Masks are still mandatory
  • Mall operating hours restrictions will be abolished
  • Unvaccinated is no longer restricted
  • Religious events no longer maintain social distancing
  • The only prohibited place of business - nightclubs


How to enter Malaysia?​​

When applying for a Malaysian visa, you need to provide an approval document, that is, apply for a Malaysian approval document. If you cannot provide an approval document, you can apply for a Malaysian business visa as an agent.

The requirements for applying for a Malaysian approval visa are the same as those for a normal application for a Malaysian visa. Applicants are required to prepare relevant materials. Now when applying for a Malaysian approved visa, applicants should prepare:

Original passport, color photo, ID card, etc., electronic version of approval document and entry letter.

At present, holders of official passports can also apply for a Malaysian visa to go abroad. The required materials are the same as those for a normal passport to apply for a Malaysian visa.


Fast application method

The Immigration Department of Malaysia has opened a cross-border permit system. From October 7, 2020, Malaysian citizens and foreigners who need to enter and exit can apply online.

After submitting the application, the applicant will receive an email notification from the Malaysian Immigration Department, stating that the authorities have received the application from the person concerned. The authorities will then send an email to applicants within 3-5 days to inform them whether their application has been approved.


Malaysia entry and exit port procedures

  • 1. Passengers must present a MyTravelPass approval letter upon exit or entry.
  • 2. MyTravelPass approval letter is only for one-time exit/entry into Malaysia.
  • 3. Passengers must exit/enter Malaysia within the validity period stated on the MyTravelPass approval letter.


Immigration process

Before you go:

  •  Contact a member hospital of the Malaysian Medical Tourism Council (MHTC) to make an appointment for treatment services, and obtain a doctor’s certificate from the doctor;
  • Submit the required relevant documents to the hospital of your choice and apply to the hospital for a medical entry permit;
  • The application will be submitted to the Malaysian Medical Tourism Council through the hospital of your choice;
  • Once the application is successful, an entry permit will be issued to you through the hospital;
  • After receiving the entry approval letter from the hospital, you can apply for a visa and arrange flight reservations;
  • All inbound passengers must undergo the first round of PCR tests for COVID-19 at a testing center certified by the Malaysian Medical Tourism Council three days before departure.


Important Notes

  • Each medical passenger (over 12 years old) is only allowed to be accompanied by one companion.
  • Check, understand and comply with entry requirements. Before departure, please be aware of the restrictions and Movement Control Order (SOP) implemented in Malaysia.
  • Please print the following documents before travelling to Malaysia for medical tourism:
  • A doctor's certificate issued by the receiving hospital;
  • Entry approval letter from the Malaysian Medical Tourism Council (MHTC);
  • Results of the first round of COVID-19 PCR tests for medical travelers and companions;


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