Top 7 Food in Osaka


Osaka, which is known as the world's kitchen, has its own unique food culture. In Osaka, people are hospitable, cuisine is amazing. The foodies who like to travel to Japan can’t miss the food capital of Osaka. Osaka is rich in taste, including both cheap takoyaki and expensive puffer fish. There are so many different kinds of foods in Osaka.

There are two main districts in Osaka: Southern districts and Northern districts. The area around Umeda is called "North". The area around Namba and Dotonbori is called "South". The Southern District is more civilian and the North District is more advanced. In the North District, you can find a lot of special food, which is known as the paradise of gourmets! What to eat in Osaka? There are 7 recommended food that you must eat in Osaka.


1、Food in Osaka – Okonomiyaki


Okonomiyaki is a specialty snack in Osaka. It is also a kind of civilian food. It is a kind of pancake made vegetables as raw materials. It is called pizza in Japanese style.  It is popular in Osaka. When you visit Osaka, you can’t miss this special food with a variety of materials, unique sauces and special cooking methods. Osaka is one of Osaka’s specialties. However, it should be noted that when the Osaka is cooked, the fumes are very large, and it is often necessary to change clothes after eating it.


2、Food in Osaka –Takoyaki


Takoyaki can be said to be Osaka's most famous snack. It is cheap, full of fillings, and the authentic taste is good. Make an analogy, not eating octopus in Takoyaki is as regrettable as not going to the Great Wall in Beijing of China. Takoyaki is also one of the famous food of Dotonbori in Osaka. It has a long history of 30 years. In Osaka, the store directly wraps large octopus meat with powder, without vegetables, seaweed and sauce. So you can taste the most authentic Takoyaki in Osaka.


3、Food in Osaka – Yakitori


In the streets of Osaka, you can see many shops selling Yakitori. There are many kinds of fried Yakitori with special sauces and refreshing cabbages. It is strictly forbidden to put the Yakitori into the sauce for the second time. It is a special way to eat Yakitori in Osaka. Ganso kushikatsu daruma is a very famous restaurant for Yakitori. All people of Osaka know this store. It is also the best Yakitori near Shinsaibashi. If you like Yakitori, you can’t miss this restaurant - Ganso kushikatsu daruma.


4、Food in Osaka – Puffer fish hot pot

Puffer fish hot pot

It is well known that puffer fish is very delicious. There are various restrictions on the consumption of puffer fish. So when you travel to Japan, especially to Osaka, where puffer consumption accounts for 70% of the country, although the price is a bit expensive, puffer fish is a dish that can’t be missed. The puffer fish hot pot is a kind of senior cuisine in Osaka. In the colder season of the year, it is best time for eating this hot pot. People put the puffer fish in a hot pot and stew it with a variety of seafood and fresh vegetables, tofu and other ingredients to make it delicious. This food is also a dish that you can’t miss in Osaka.


5、Food in Osaka – Osaka Sushi

Osaka Sushi

Sushi in Osaka is very different from sushi in Tokyo. It is called “Hakozushi” (square sushi or box sushi). Put the rice balls of sushi in a square wooden box and put ingredients of fishes between the top of the rice ball and the other layers of rice balls, this is unique Osaka Sushi. Yoshino sushi is a famous restaurant for eating Osaka sushi. It is a restaurant that represents the senior sushi in Osaka. Osaka sushi is a food that you can’t miss in Osaka.


6、Food in Osaka – Udon


Although it is called Udon, it is more like a hot pot cuisine. Udon noodles with a variety of vegetables, meat, seafood and other soups cooked in a clay pot make this cuisine-Udon. The taste is very rich and mellow and very suitable for eatinging it in the cold winter. If you want to taste the ramen in Osaka in winter, Udon is a good choice.


7、Food in Osaka – Crab


If you are a seafood lover, you must eat crabs in Osaka. As long as you come to Shinsaibashi, you can't miss the restaurant Kanidoraku Honten. It is the most famous crab restaurant in Osaka. The crab dish in this shop is quite delicious! As a restaurant that pay attention to the quality of the food, the enjoyment for the diners is senior!

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