Indonesia Travel & Entry Restrictions in 2022 (Updated on May 12, 2022)

Indonesia is a Southeast Asian country and a famous tourist destination. It is known for its pristine beaches, exotic water villas on quiet islands, Komodo dragons and an array of wildlife including elephants. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and a vibrant city. Yogyakarta also offers many activities for tourists. Want to travel to Indonesia? Do you know what is Indonesia's latest inbound tourism policy in 2022? Don't know yet? This article will answer your doubts. The latest entry guidelines for Indonesia in 2022.


What documents are required to enter Indonesia?

1. Requirements for entry documents

Foreign travelers holding one of the following documents can enter (passports must be valid for more than 6 months):

  • (1) Diplomatic/Government Service Visa, or Diplomatic/Government Service Stay Permit.
  • (2) Visit visa (visit visa, visit stay permit), or residence permit visa (Limited stay visa).
  • (3) Limited stay permit (KITAS) or Permanent residence permit (KITAP).
  • (4) APEC card
  • (5) Airline crew members entering the country must hold a vaccine certificate and a negative nucleic acid test report issued by the country of origin within 48 hours.


Indonesia's entry and epidemic prevention policy

1. Passengers must be vaccinated for more than 14 days. Each traveler must present a COVID-19 vaccine certificate (a paper or electronic certificate recognized by the country where the vaccine is administered, which must be in English or the traveler's native language) upon arrival in Indonesia, proving that a full cycle of vaccination has been completed.

(1) For Indonesian tourists, if they cannot show the vaccine certificate, they will be compulsorily arranged by the Indonesian government to be vaccinated during the quarantine period after entering Indonesia.

(2) For foreign nationals, if they cannot present a vaccine certificate for a complete cycle, they cannot enter Indonesia. Except for the following foreign tourists, they can be compulsorily vaccinated by the Indonesian government after entry and during the quarantine period, at their own expense:

  • A. Minors aged 12-17
  • B. Hold a diplomatic/government official residence visa/permit
  • C. Hold a Limited/Permanent Residence Permit (KITAS/KITAP)


2. Every passenger (including children and infants) must present a negative PCR nucleic acid test certificate issued in the country of departure when they arrive in Indonesia (the report must contain the report in English and the seal of the hospital). The nucleic acid sampling time must be the flight departure time. Within the first 48 hours; PCR nucleic acid reports that do not meet the above conditions will be regarded as invalid reports by Indonesian quarantine, and passengers will be refused entry and repatriated.


3. After arriving in Indonesia, the Indonesian quarantine department will take the following anti-epidemic measures for all incoming passengers:

  • (1) Declare and present the eHAC health declaration code. Passengers must register and declare the eHAC health declaration code through the mobile APP: PeduliLindungi. If passengers cannot register for eHAC abroad due to network problems, they can use the Indonesian network to register after the plane landed in Indonesia and before entering the country.
  • (2) Present the certificate of completion of vaccination against COVID-19 and the negative certificate of PCR nucleic acid test sampled within 48 hours before flight departure.
  • (3) All passengers entering Indonesia must undergo PCR nucleic acid test again at the airport of entry upon entry. The testing costs for Indonesian immigrant workers, students and government employees shall be borne by the Indonesian government, and the testing costs for other Indonesian passengers and foreign tourists shall be borne by the passengers themselves. The specific price is subject to the notification from the quarantine department after entry.
  • (4) All inbound passengers (except foreign representatives and family members, and some diplomatic personnel, see Article (5) for regulations) after receiving nucleic acid testing, the Indonesian quarantine department will uniformly organize them to go to the government's anti-epidemic hotel for isolation (isolation for complete vaccination 5 days, Indonesian travelers who have not been fully vaccinated, quarantined for 7 days). The expenses shall be borne by the passengers themselves, and the specific quarantine hotels and quarantine arrangements shall be subject to the arrangements of the quarantine department. Passengers must book the quarantine hotel in Jakarta by themselves before entering Indonesia. If they cannot show the payment and booking records of the quarantine hotel (usually the QR code of the government's unified format for booking issued by the quarantine hotel to the passengers), they will be refused entry.
  • (5) Foreign representatives (the first person in charge of a foreign government agency in Indonesia, such as an ambassador) and their family members can be quarantined at home at their home in the city of entry; Ministers (inclusive) or above who hold diplomatic or government official visas to go to Indonesia for official visits Personnel at the same level do not need to be quarantined.
  • (6) One day before the end of the quarantine, the traveler should do the nucleic acid test again. If the test result is negative, the quarantine can be ended after the quarantine period expires; if the acid test result is positive, the traveler must go to the hospital for treatment, and the treatment fee for Indonesian travelers will be paid by Indonesia The government shall bear the cost of treatment for foreign passengers, and the passengers themselves shall bear the cost of treatment.


  • Remark: The above new regulations will take effect from February 1, 2022.


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