How to Plan a Trip to China

If you have time and plan a trip outside, China may be a good destination with long history, rich culture and diverse landscapes. As a vast territory, there are many things for you to explore in China, especially the Chinese civilization.


If you are interested in travelling to China and confused about what to do, followings are simple 6 steps for you to plan your trip to China. As an experienced travel agency with professional teams and service, we will help you to decide a perfect trip with the most comfortable experience.



Decide When to Go and How Long to Stay

As for the time to visit China and stay in China depends on you. China has always destinations for you all the year around. And some of the attractions are not affected by the seasons. You can pick some cities and destinations you like to make up of your route.


How long to stay in China depends on your spare time or the time of your holiday. You can decide your travelling time and destinations in advance according to your holiday.


According to our experience and the feedback from our clients, April to May and September to October are recommended to travel to China. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold. But October is the National Day of China, which will be crowded. If you want to avoid crowds, you can avoid October.


Of course, China is a summer tourist destination for many people though it is a bit hot in summer in China. And it will be crowded due to the summer vacation. You can avoid the heat indoor, but it will be hot outdoor.


As for the price, travelling cost to China in July to August and October will be higher than other time. If you want to make your trip economical and more comfortable, you can avoid travelling to China during the tourist season.



Choose Where to Go

There are many attractions you can visit in China, if you are hesitated about where to travel in China. Followings are our recommendations for you based on our knowing to China.



Beijing is the capital of China with long history and cultural deposits. You can feel the long history and rich culture of China by visiting the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven. Beijing is a city combining fashionable and traditional.


Climbing the Great Wall is recommended when travelling to Beijing. You can enjoy the magnificent view of the Great Wall and the spectacular scenery of China.


You should not miss the Forbidden City when coming to Beijing to witness the complete palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties, one of the largest and best-preserved wooden architectural complex in the world.


If you are interested in the quadrangles and the hutongs in Beijing, you can walk around the hutongs and visit the quadrangles in Beijing to see the traditional buildings, streets and lanes of Beijing.


Forbidden City

Forbidden City



Xi'an is also suggested when you plan to travel to China. As an ancient capital of 13 dynasties, Xi'an is a famous historical and cultural city in China. Xi’an is also the starting point of the Silk Road.


The Xi'an Terracotta Army is called the Eighth Wonder in the World, the spectacular Terracotta Warriors and horses are worth visiting. You will amazed at the wisdom of the labouring people of ancient China.


Walking or Cycling around the Xi'an City Wall is also recommended when travelling to Xi'an. Walking or cycling around the Xi'an City Wall, you can feel the long history of the city and experience the life of the citizens of Xi'an.


Xi'an Terracotta Army

Xi'an Terracotta Army 



Guilin is a world-famous tourist city in Southern China, with typical karst landform of picturesque mountains and water. There are mountains, rivers and caves in Guilin.


The picturesque scenery alongside the Li River is recommended when visiting Guilin, which is idyllic and beautiful. The best way to enjoy the scenery is take the cruise.


The Longji Terrace is also recommended while travelling to Guilin. The terrace is most beautiful in autumn when the rices are golden. You can see the golden terrace layers of layers when you stand on the top of the terrace and overlook them, which is spectacular and impressive.


You should not miss Yangshuo when coming to Guilin. Walking around the West Street and feel the life of the local people. Taking the bamboo raft at Xingping is also recommended in Yangshuo, which is interesting.


Yulong River

Yulong River in Yangshuo



Think about the Price

Before travelling, you need to think about your budget. The price of the hotels depends on your budget. If you have enough budget, you can choose the 5 star hotels. With a limited budget, you can choose a common hotel.


Taking high-speed railway instead of airplanes is a good way to save your money if you have a limited budget. The high-speed railways in China is fast and comfortable, which is cheaper and more convenient than taking airplanes. And if it is your first time to visit China, it is recommended to experience the high-speed railway in China.


To save the money, consulting a local professional travel agency is also a good way. As a reliable travel agency, they provide you good service with a cheaper price. The key is to choose a local reliable and professional travel agency. Also, they will provide you useful suggestions when choosing your travel destinations, hotels and transportation.


To make your trip more economical, you can avoid to visit China during the peak seasons like summer vacation, National Day and Labour day. The cost of hotels during these time will be expensive than other time.


High-spped Railway

High-speed Railway in China



Contact a Reliable Professional Travel Agency

Contacting a local reliable travel agency is recommended when planing a trip to China since it will save much of your time of your preparations before your trip. A professional travel agency will help you to plan a perfect trip according to your needs.


First of all, you should consider private or group tour you will take. Private tour will be expensive because the travel agency will arrange your trip according to your needs. Group tour is cheaper and your itinerary will be the same will the group.


If you choose a private tour,you can communicate with the travel agency about your itinerary. You can tell them the attractions and the activities you are interested. They will help you to arrange your itinerary in details, which is considerate.


And we recommend you to choose a private tour to fully use your time to enjoy your trip. All the activities are arranged by your needs. You just need to enjoy your tour.



Decide your Detailed Itinerary

Why we suggest you to find a travel agency is that they will help you to decide your destinations and time quicker than yourself. Also, they will provide you their professional suggestions.


After deciding the destinations of your trip, the travel agency will help you to plan your itinerary together. For example, if you take Beijing, Xi’an and Guilin as your destinations. We will suggest 3 days for Beijing, 2 days for Xi’an and 2 days for Guilin, which compose a week’s trip.


And if you would like to visit other cities and attractions in China, you can just communicate with the travel agency and make your itinerary. At least a week is recommended to travel to China.



Preparation of Visa

After confirmation of destinations and itinerary, you can start to know about the visa policy in China. Foreign visitors, non-Chinese citizens, planning to visit China need visas according to the rules. First, please confirm your visa types. It is recommended to apply the visa 2 months before the date you enter a country.


You can check the visa policy at the official website of Chinese government, then apply a visa of traveling to China. Just follow the needs of the website and prepare the materials needed, your application of visa will be successful.


By the way, you’ better take your passport as well as your visa when visiting China. Bringing your passport and visa with you and have a nice trip.


Chinese Visa

Chinese Visa



Currency and Payment in China

Most of the Chinese don’t take cash with themselves now because they can pay by their phones using the Alipay or Wechat. It is very convenient to go out just taking their phones. If you want to experience paying by Alipay or Wechat, you can download and install the APP to learn about how to pay by the APP.


Renminbi, RMB, is the legal currency of China. In China, Renminbi is accepted in many occasions. There are paper currency of 1 yuan, 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 50 yuan and 100 yuan. Renminbi is also called Chinese yuan by many people. It is recommended to exchange some cashes of Renminbi when you travel to China, which makes your trip more convenient when shopping.


Paper Currency in China

Paper Currency in China

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