Top 7 Restaurants in Battambang


Battambang Province is located in western Cambodia and borders on Thailand. It has been a transportation and trade hub between the two countries since its construction in the 11th century. It is also rich in rice and fruits due to its fertile soil. It has a “granary of Cambodia” . If you travel to Battambang, where to eat? How to choose place to eat or drink? Here recommend you top 7 restaurants in Battambang.


No.1 Restaurant in battambang: Jaan Bai Restaurant

  • Location: Corner 2 Street and 1 1/2 Street | Near Psar Nat, Battambang 02000, Cambodia
  • Recommended reason: popular restaurant in Battambang, Khmer, Thai, Asian cuisine
  • Tel: +855-78263144
  • Internet site:

Jaan Bai Restaurant, Battambang

Jaan Bai Restaurant is a popular restaurant in Battambang that raises a variety of Khmer, Thai and Asian dishes. The restaurant is clean and inexpensive, and it is recommended to book in advance during peak hours such as lunch and dinner.


No.2 Restaurant in battambang: Smokin' Pot

  • Location: Battambang, Cambodia
  • Recommended reason: Cooking class
  • Recommended dish: Beef Loc Lac
  • Tel: +855-01821400
  • Internet site:
  • How to get there: Take the bus to Battambang Royal Railway Station then get off.

Smokin' Pot, Battambang

The restaurant is lively and casual, serving Khmer, Thai and Western dishes. If you want to learn about Cambodian cooking, this restaurant is a good choose. Cooking classes are held every morning from 9:30-12:30, about $8, and you can learn to make three dishes and serve as lunch.


No.3 Restaurant in battambang: White Rose Restaurant

  • Location: Road No 2, Battambang, Cambodia
  • Recommended reason: famous drink - Fruit Shakes is a specialty in the restaurant.
  • Tel: +855-12536500
  • Opening hours: 6:30-22:00

White Rose Restaurant, Battambang

This is a restaurant that is very worthwhile to taste in the city. This restaurant serves Khmer, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai dishes. The recommended dish in this restaurant is vegetarian and fruit shakes. Fruit shakes is a famous Cambodian drink. There are many varieties of tropical fruits in Cambodia. Put these fresh fruits, together with milkshakes and ice cubes, in a blender and stir them into a glass of fruity milkshake with a fruity fragrance and milky aroma, then fruit shakes are made.


No.4 Restaurant in battambang: Hoc Café

  • Location: N 117 Rue | A L'angle de 117 Et 106, Battambang 02000, Cambodia
  • Recommended reason: Japanese and Asian food, Public welfare restaurant
  • Tel: +855-12591210
  • Opening hours: 8:00-22:00
  • Internet site:

Hoc Café, Battambang

This restaurant serves Japanese, Asian, and Cambodian dishes. This restaurant is not only suitable for vegetarians but also a coffee shop. This Cafe offers breakfast buffet, bread and jam are all Hamemade, all very delicious. In addition, the income here will give back to their UNICEF, which can help more Cambodian children. It is a public welfare restaurant. The food here is delicious, the price is very affordable, and the service is very good.


No.5 Restaurant in battambang: Coconut Lyly Restaurant

  • Location: # 111 Street | West of the Phsa Nat Central Market, Battambang 02000, Cambodia
  • Recommended reason: Asian and Cambodian food are good here.
  • Tel: +855-16399339
  • Internet site:
  • Opening hours: 8:00-22:00

Coconut Lyly Restaurant, Battambang

The food here is delicious, the price is very affordable, and the service is very good. In addition, the atmosphere of the restaurant is very good. If you are Asian and want to taste Cambodian food, you can come here.


No.6 Restaurant in battambang: La Pizza

  • Location: 59 Street 159 Rattanak Village, Battambang 02000, Cambodia
  • Recommended reason: Italian and European food, Pizza
  • Tel: +855-963607417
  • Opening hours:17:00-22:00

La Pizza. Battambnag

This restaurant opens from 5:00 pm. Pizza is its specialty. If you are European, you can come here to eat European food. The food here is delicious, the price is very affordable, and the service is very good.


No.7 Restaurant in battambang: About the World

  • Location: 121 59 Street No. 2.5 Between 119, Battambang 02000, Cambodia
  • Recommended reason: Cambodian and European food
  • Tel: +855-98343472
  • Opening hours: 9:00-22:00

About the World restaurant, Battambang

It offers breakfast, lunch, dinner. The ambiance here is lovely, relaxing and quiet. The food and service are good here. You can taste Cambodian specialties – Amok, Khmer Curry here. If you want to taste Cambodian food, this restaurant is a good choose.

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