Wat Traimit


Location: Traimit Road (west of Hua Lampong Station), Chinatown

Reason to visit: the world's largest golden Buddha, a major place to making wishes in Thailand

Our ratings: ★★★★★

Entrance fee: 50 baht

Opening Hours: Every day from 8am until 5pm

Wat Traimit (Temple of the Golden Buddha), located near to Bangkok's Chinatown, is a royal and solemn temple renowned for the world's largest golden Buddha statue which is 3 metres (9.8 ft) tall and weighs 5.5 tonnes (5.4 long tons; 6.1 short tons). It is a major place in Thailand to make wishes.

Bangkok has a long history of Buddhism with rich oriental religions, Buddhist temples, and beautiful buildings. Among all the temples in Bangkok, Wat Phra Kaeo, Wat Pho, and Wat Traimit are known as the three national treasures of Thailand. Today, we are going to explore Wat Traimit.


History of Wat Traimit

It is said that the original location of the Wat Traimit was quite desolate around 700 years ago. Later, the Chinese gradually settled around here. One day they carried an unmanned Buddha statue which could be disassembled into nine sections from a barren hill. After arriving at the temple, a piece of iron shell of this unmanned Buddha casually fell down and revealed a little bit golden Buddha statue inside. After knocking down all the iron shells, the shinning Buddha statue was completely exposed. Soon after, it was famous throughout the country. People named the statue Golden Buddha statue, and named the temple Wat Traimit.

There is another legend said that the Golden Buddha statue was built in the Sukhothai dynasty. Later, the foreign enemies invaded. In order to prevent the Golden Buddha statue from being taken away, the patriots plastered the Golden Buddha statue and buried in the soil for more than 300 years. After being excavated, it was enshrined in the old temple because it was not beautiful enough. Later, due to the reconstruction of the old temple, the Golden Buddha statue accidentally fell hard on the ground when it was carried. At that moment, some of the plaster coating chipped off, allowing the gold surface underneath to be seen. Work was immediately stopped so that an evaluation could be made. Plaster soon fully fell apart, and the Golden Buddha revealed its real magnificent beauty in front of people. It was soon brought to Bangkok, and it has been famous ever since.


What to do in Wat Traimit

Take off the shoes, take off the hat, and pray in the temple. The inside of Wat Traimit is not very large, and some worshippers sit quietly and pray religiously on the ground. Although there is no photo prohibition in the temple, it is recommended not to take pictures due to the respect for the Buddha statue. You can find a position to sit cross-legged and meditate quietly.



1.Please get off the shoes in the temple, the clothes should be neatly dressed. It is best not to wear shorts in the temple. Dress conservatively is all you need.

2. Although there is no photo prohibition in the temple, it is recommended not to take pictures due to the respect for the Buddha statue.

3. Ladies are not allowed to touch monks. It is a severe taboo!

4.After entering the temple, don't shout loudly. 

5. No intimate behaviors allowed in the temple.


How to get to Wat Traimit

1. If you take the subway, please get off at Hua Lamphone Station.

2. Take the air-conditioned bus No. 2, No. 7, No. 11, No. 29, No. 50, No. 67, No. 119 to Huanan Pong Railway Station, then walk a short distance to Wat Traimit.


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