Shanghai World Financial Center


  • Location: No. 100, Century Avenue, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China
  • Recommended reason: A landmark of Shanghai; one of the highest buildings in Shanghai
  • Opening hours: 08:00-23:00
  • Official website:


Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC) is a skyscraper located in Lujiazui Financial Trade Zone. It is the third tallest architecture in Shanghai. In 2008, Shanghai World Financial Center was rated “the annual highest architecture” and was awarded "special award of the decade" of the 16th Global Tall Building Award by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) in 2018. In 2019, Shanghai World Financial Center won the title "the highest sightseeing hall" of the Guinness World Records. At the same time, the hotel located from the 79th floor to the 93rd floor also obtained the Guinness World Records certification for "The World's Highest Hotel". On September 26, 2018, Shanghai World Financial Center Obtained LEED platinum-level green building certification and awarded by the United States Green Building Council.

Shanghai World Financial Center


The Structure of Shanghai World Financial Center

Covering a constructive area of 381,600 square meters, there are 101 floors on the ground and 3 floors under the ground. Shanghai World Financial Center is a square cylinder in shape with a height of 492 meters, which looks like an enormous bottle opener. Shanghai World Financial Center seems like a powerful magnet that attracts a lot of authorities around the world to gather here. This architecture not only has an extremely creative design, but also possesses many world records, for example, the tallest Chinese restaurant, the tallest swimming pool, the tallest hotel, the fastest elevator in the world.


Shanghai World Financial Center is a comprehensive mansion, mainly for office, integrating commerce, hotel, sightseeing, etc. The areas from the basement's first floors to ground third floors are shopping malls and restaurants. The meeting equipment is located on the third floor to the fifth floor. The office areas are from the 7th floor to the 77th floor. The 29th floor is the financial culture communication center of Shanghai World Financial Center, which provides international business professionals with global economic and cultural news.

Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai Park Hyatt Hotel covers the areas from the 79th floor to the 93rd floor. It was designed by the famous designer Tony Chi and his associates. He aimed to build noble and exquisite private residence. In addition to embodying the comfort like a private home, Shanghai Park Hyatt Hotel also pay much attention to Chinese traditional geometry and architecture. In order to maintain a consistent rigorous attitude towards product quality and service level, the hotel only set up 174 rooms. Customers can overlook the magnificent sceneries of Huangpu River and Pudong area from all rooms.


With the design of the wind tunnel opening on the top, Shanghai World Financial Center is called "Eye of Shanghai". There are three sightseeing platforms in Shanghai World Financial Center, respectively on the 94th floor, the 97th floor and the 100th floor. In addition, Shanghai World Financial Center adopts two typhoon dampers (150 metric tons per damper) on the 90th floor. Use the sensor to measure the degree of shaking of the building in the wind and control the direction of the damper movement through the computer calculation to reduce the shaking of the building due to strong winds.


Highlights of Shanghai World Financial Center

Firstly, there is an eight-meter high indoor sightseeing hall on the 94th floor with a height of 439 meters. Covering an area of 700 square meters, this sightseeing hall meets the general requirements of sightseeing.

Secondly, one tourism sky bridge is set on the 97th floor. There is an open glass ceiling. When the weather is fine, the glass ceiling will slide to both sides and open. Place yourself in the sky bridge, you will have a sense of wandering in the sky. The transparent glass ground and special specular reflection make your heartbeat to the peak. There is a universal knowledge gallery displaying some little-known data in the process of construction. It not only satisfies people's curiosity, but also makes visitors have a better understanding of Shanghai World Financial Center.

Shanghai World Financial Center

Besides, there is a transparent VIP sightseeing gallery on the 100th floor. With a length of 55 meters and a height of 474 meters, this sightseeing gallery is the highest view platform around the world. Standing on the top of Shanghai World Financial Center, you can overlook the scenery on both sides of Huangpu River. You will feel that the whole city is under your feet. If it's a cloudy day, you can enjoy an amazing wonderland. The most beautiful scenery is the night view. When the lights turn on, you can enjoy the prosperous and splendid city view. Shanghai World Financial Center is also a good place to overlook the Bund and Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

The exhibition of "the gate of Shanghai" on the B1 floor shows the rapid development of Shanghai in the form of advance multimedia interaction. There is also an exhibition of the most exquisite and the most realistic city modes. Another attractive item is the high-speed elevator in the Shanghai World Financial Center. It was designed and tailor-made by a Japanese multimedia artist for the sightseeing hall. This "LED light and shadow artwork" connects lights with tempo perfectly. It only takes 66 seconds to deliver you to a height of 435 meters (the 97th floor) by the speed of 8 meters per second.


Best time to visit Shanghai World Financial Center

You can visit Shanghai World Financial Center all year round.

Shanghai World Financial Center


How to Get to Shanghai World Financial Center

♦ Take the metro Line 2 and get off at Lujiazui Station or Line 9 and get off at Shangcheng Road Station.

♦ Take public buses No. 583, 799, 939 to Dongtai Road Century Avenue Station.

♦ Take public buses No. 791, 870, 961, 985 to Garden Stone Bridge Dongtai Road Station.


Tips for visiting Shanghai World Financial Center

♦ There is an inspection of flammable and explosive items in the lobby.

♦ No admission after 22:00.

♦ The stunning speed and super high floors may cause tinnitus, so please take care of children.

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