Most Famous Landmarks in Asia

What are the best places to visit in Asia? Honestly, there are so many famous attractions in different countries of Asia, no matter whether you're looking for UNESCO World Heritage Sites, unique natural wonders, or places to have fun. If you're a first-time traveler, it's recommended to make a list of some must-see attractions in Asia so that you could plan your trip more smoothly and efficiently. According to the feedback of our customers, we suggest you choose from the top 10 famous landmarks in Asia, such as the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, Mount Fuji, etc. Let's read on to know more about Asia.


1. The Great Wall of China (Beijing, China)

The Great Wall of China was initially built for protection from attack and invasion. Now, people from all over the world consider the Great Wall one of the must-visit places in a lifetime. The history of construction can be traced back to the Western Zhou Dynasty, but the majority of the Great Wall you can see now was built in the Ming Dynasty. As the landmark of China, visiting the Great Wall is a must-do thing when traveling in Asia. You can either go to some famous sections like Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall or choose Simatai Great Wall or Jinshanling Great Wall to have an excellent hiking tour.

Top 10 Famous Landmarks in Asia
Badaling Great Wall


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2. Taj Mahal (Agra, India)

The Taj Mahal was built in 1632 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, aiming at commemorating his love for his favorite wife. This ivory-white mausoleum is the most famous attraction in India, which was included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. It is also known as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, with the fame of "the jewel of Muslim art in India". Taj Mahal perfectly shows the long and rich history of India, and its structure of it is the world's best example of Mughal architecture. You can see a mosque, formal gardens, and a guest house here.

Top 10 Famous Landmarks in Asia
Taj Mahal


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3. Angkor Wat (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

Angkor Wat, built in the early 12th century by the Khmer King Suryavarman, is the earliest Khmer-style building in the world. As the national treasure of Cambodia, Angkor Wat is the largest temple-like building in the world, on a site measuring 162.6 hectares. The architectures of Angkor Wat are solemn and well-proportioned, which looks harmonious and beautiful. Whether it's architectural skills or carving arts, Angkor Wat has reached a very high level, which represents the top classical style of Khmer architecture. Travel to Angkor Archaeological Park, and you will be impressed by the magnificent architectural scale, exquisite stone carvings, and corridors.

Top 10 Famous Landmarks in Asia
Angkor Wat


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4. Mount Fuji (Tokyo, Japan)

Mount Fuji must be the most iconic attraction in Japan. With a height of about 3,776.24 meters, Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and the world's seventh-tallest peak of an island in the world. Mount Fuji is one of the classic symbols of Japanese spirit and culture, which is thought to be a holy place revered by the Japanese people and a part of the Japanese folk religion. For Japanese people, it is a beautiful and solemn mountain with natural charm, and that's the reason why it is often depicted in some artworks and photographs in Japan. For those who want to climb Mount Fuji, it's only available from July to August.

Top 10 Famous Landmarks in Asia
Mount Fuji


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5. Gyeongbokgung Palace (Seoul, South Korea)

Gyeongbokgung Palace, one of the largest and oldest palaces in Seoul, was the political center of late feudal Korea. More than 200 palaces are built to resemble those in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. While visiting Gyeongbok Palace, one of the more interesting things to do is to visit the changing ceremony of royal guards. Although this is a ceremony with performances, it is no less formal than a serious ceremony. With the sound of drums, the changing of the guard ceremony officially begins. March in order to the Gwanghwamun, finally each position.

Top 10 Famous Landmarks in Asia
Gyeongbokgung Palace


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6. Petronas Towers (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Petronas Towers or Petronas Twin Towers is located in the city center of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Standing for about 452 meters, Petronas Towers are the tallest twin towers in the world, and they were the world's tallest buildings from 1998 to 2004. There are 88 floors in total, and the towers are constructed with stainless steel and glass, with a tube-structure. The layout of the whole building adopts the geometric shapes common to traditional Muslim buildings, including square and round, which is a reflection of the Muslim religion in Malaysia. Standing here, you can overlook the most prosperous scene in Malaysia.

Top 10 Famous Landmarks in Asia
Petronas Twin Towers


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7. Grand Palace (Bangkok, Thailand)

Grand Palace is located at the heart of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, which has been the official residence of kings since 1782, and it's still used for official events now. Built in 1782, the Grand Palace is the largest, most well-preserved, and most nationally distinctive palace among all the palaces in the history of Thailand. As a complex of buildings, the Grand Palace brings together the essence of Thai architecture, painting, carving, and decorating art, with distinctive characteristics of Siamese architectural art, so that it is highly appreciated by tourists from all over the world. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Asia, and you'd better not miss it.

Top 10 Famous Landmarks in Asia
Grand Palace


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8. Victoria Peak (Hong Kong, China)

Victoria Peak(Tai Ping Shan) is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong, China. The peak, Ling Xiao Pavilion, was designed by the famous British architect Terry Farrell. It has a very unique bowl shape and is a must-visit for sightseeing, entertainment, and shopping. His appearance has been used in millions of postcards and photographs around the world.


The highest 360-degree viewing platform in Hong Kong, Skytower 428, is an endless visual experience. Standing on the unrivaled viewing platform 428 meters above sea level, you can enjoy the stunning scenery of the city at the most advantageous location in Hong Kong. You will feel like you are the king of the world. In addition, Lingxiao Pavilion also features the Lingxiao Gallery, which displays rare photos of Hong Kong in its early days on a large panel, allowing the public to experience the changes in Hong Kong in the past century.

Top 10 Famous Landmarks in Asia
Night view of the Victoria Peak


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9. Ha Long Bay (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Ha Long Bay is what you can't miss when traveling in Asia, especially for those who are crazy about natural sceneries. We guess most of you have heard about karst landscapes in Guilin, and what you can see in Ha Long Bay is quite familiar to that of Guilin. There are thousands of limestone karsts and isles around Ha Long Bay, which have different sizes and shapes, combining a picturesque scene with the green water. The best time to visit Ha Long Bay is from November to February of the following year.

Top 10 Famous Landmarks in Asia
Ha Long Bay


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10. Tiger's Nest Temple (Paro, Bhutan)

Tiger's Nest Temple, or Paro Taktsang, was initially built in 1692 and was rebuilt in 1998 when it was severely damaged after a fire. Being the cultural and religious icon of Bhutan, Tiger's Nest Temple owns the fame of the most sacred Buddhist temple in Bhutan. This is a temple complex that is built on the cliffside of the upper Paro valley, consisting of four main halls and residential areas. The best time to visit Tiger's Nest Temple is from March to May and from October to December.

Top 10 Famous Landmarks in Asia
Paro Taktsang


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11. Sigiriya Lion Rock (Sri Lanka)

About 170 kilometers northeast of Colombo, Sri Lanka's capital, is the Ancient City of Sigiriya, one of the most visited monuments in Sri Lanka. It is a sky palace shaped like a lion, built on a red rock about 200 meters high. The sigiriya Lion Rock, as its name implies, was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1982.


Known as the eighth wonder of the world, the Lion Rock is the culmination of Sri Lanka's "Cultural Golden Triangle" and one of the world's most precious heritage sites protected by UNESCO. How this heavenly palace was built has always been the subject that archeologists are interested in exploring. How people climb and move materials up this steep rock face is still unknown.


sigiriya-rock-fortress sri lanka

Sigiriya Lion Rock


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12. Petra (Jordan)

Petra is an ancient city in Jordan, located 250 kilometers south of the Jordanian capital, Amman, hidden in a narrow canyon that connects the Dead Sea to the Strait of Akaba. In ancient times, it was an important trade center and the capital of the country of Odom. Many monuments have been discovered since 1812, mostly carved into the rock face of a deep valley. It is one of the key cities of Jordan's tourism industry.


The whole city of Petra's tall and majestic halls are arranged on the surrounding cliffs, with interlocking doors and eaves and overlapping temples. The valley opened on one side of the treasure house, revealing numerous graves cut into the rock. These tombs are made of pink sandstone, mixed with many other colors. The engravings on some tablets were exposed to the wind and eroded beyond recognition.


petra jordan



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13. Cappadocia (Turkey)

Cappadocia, in the Anatolian highlands of central Turkey, is one of the best places on Earth to go hot-air ballooning. Cappadocia is a place with one of the most unique environments in the world, boasting hills, valleys and canyons, as well as huge volcanic material and rock formations that make up this fairy-tale landscape, with columns, spires, cones, mushrooms and chimneys standing 40 meters (130 feet) high in the sky.


This was created by the eruption of three volcanoes, Erciyes, Hasan, and Melendiz, the three major volcanoes of Cappadocia, which covered the plateau of Urgup and spewed countless ashes and mud. Over thousands of years, the compressed ash turned into a soft stone called "tuff," and the erosion of rain and wind formed the bizarre fairy chimneys for which Cappadocia is now known. The most frequented sites visited by tour groups are Nevsehir, Avanos and Urgup, which connect the roads to form a triangle where the valley has the largest fairy chimney (PeriBacalar husf).


cappadocia turkey



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14. James Bond Island (Khao Ping Kan), Thailand

James Bond Island (Khao Ping Kan) is a popular tourist attraction in Phuket Phang Nga Bay National Park in southern Thailand. The island became famous as the setting for the 1974 James Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun."

James Bond Island is beautiful and picturesque. This is a great opportunity for photographers and explorers who are curious about nature, which is why the island was chosen as a location for the film. It is one of the many must-see attractions in Phuket that many tourists have on their to-do lists and can't wait to see.


james-bond-island phuket thailand

James Bond Island


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15. Burj Al Arab (Dubai)

One of the landmarks of Dubai is the Burj al Arab Hotel, which is the first 7-star hotel in the world. The first impression of the Burj Al Arab hotel can be described as magnificent and luxurious. In order to build this hotel, an artificial island was specially reclaimed in the Persian Gulf 280 meters from the shore. Burj al Arab Hotel is named for its appearance like a sailboat. It has a total of 56 stories, a height of 321 meters, and 202 suites of duplex rooms, the minimum 170 square meters, the maximum 780 square meters. The 780-square-meter presidential suite is gold-plated and features a private cinema, two bedrooms, two living rooms, a dining room and a dedicated elevator. The Burj al Arab hotel has eight BMWS and two Rolls Royces to ferry guests around, and a helipad on the 28th floor. Burj Al Arab Hotel has become the name card of Dubai in the world. Its role in Dubai is far more than a 7-star hotel. It is a reflection of the vision of the city and a miniature of the will of the city.


Burj-Al-Arab Dubai

Burj al Arab Hotel


16. Borobudur Temple (Indonesia)

Located on the Indonesian island of Java, the magnificent Borobudur Temple is one of the Seven Wonders of the world and the largest Buddhist temple in the world. The temple sits majestically on a hilltop overlooking lush green fields and distant hills. Built in the 9th century during the Syailendra dynasty. While the temple's Gupta architecture reflects the Indian influence on the area, the combination of other inherent scenes and elements makes it strongly Indonesian.


borobudur temple indonesia

Borobudur Temple


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17. The Merlion Statue (Singapore)

The merlion's body is a symbol of Singapore's humble beginnings as a fishing village, then called Temasek, which shares its root with tasek (Malay for lake). The lion's head represents Singapore's earliest name, Singapura, meaning "The Lion City" in Malay. Today, you can see the legendary statue in Merlion Park. The statue stands 8.6 meters tall, weighs 70 tons and spews a steady stream of water from its mouth. Like other important landmarks around the world, the Merlion statue has become a must-see when visiting Singapore.


merlion-park singapore

Merlion Park


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18. The Shwedagon Pagoda (Myanmar)

The Shwedagon Pagoda is the highest point in Yangon and the center of Buddhist belief in Myanmar. The tapered main tower, nearly 100 meters high, is encased in gold leaf, surrounded by thousands of gold and silver bells, crowned with countless gems and topped with a 76-carat diamond. The dazzling Shwedagon Pagoda shines even more in the morning and evening when the sun is slanting, and at night it is still lit up. As a must-see in Yangon, many people come here every day to worship Buddha and sightseeing, and it is even more crowded during festivals. Admission to the Shwedagon Pagoda is unlimited for the day, and many visitors choose to visit the pagoda in the afternoon and then in the evening, so that they can feel the difference between day and night.


The Shwedagon Pagoda Myanmar

The Shwedagon Pagoda


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19. Boudhanth Stupa (Nepal)

Boudhanth Stupa, located northeast of Kathmandu, is the largest existing stupa in Nepal and the most important home and pilgrimage site of Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan immigrants in Nepal. The pagoda is said to have been built to house the sarira of Mahakassapa, a disciple of Sakyamuni. The whole pagoda cluster looks like a small mountain city, with a circular street formed between the houses and Buddhist houses, lined with shops, and most of the residents are of Tibetan origin. Most of the items for sale are Buddhist statues or Tibetan style jewelry. Buddhists from Bhutan, Sikkim and China's Tibet come here every year during the pilgrimage season.


boudhanath temple Nepal

Boudhanath Temple


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20. Potala Palace (Tibet, China)

Potala Palace, located on the Mabuli Mountain northwest of Lhasa, the capital of Tibet Autonomous Region of China, is the world's highest altitude, a collection of palaces, castles and monasteries in one of the grand architecture, is the largest and most complete ancient palace complex in Tibet. The Potala Palace, built on a mountain with overlapping buildings, is an outstanding representative of Tibetan ancient architecture. The palace is more than 200 meters high, with 13 floors on the outside and 9 floors inside. Potala Palace in front of the Potala Palace Square, is the highest city square in the world. The Potala Palace is a symbol of Tibet and a famous scenic spot and landmark in Lhasa. It is known as the highest palace in the world.


Tibet has international and inter-provincial air routes. There are air routes between Tibet and Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi 'an, Xining, Guangzhou, Qamdo, Kunming and Kathmandu, Nepal, making it very convenient for tourists to enter and exit Tibet.


Willy rock Philippines

Potala Palace


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